In-House Car Financing in Canada

If your credit is less than perfect, you may wonder how you’ll ever get an auto loan. Perhaps you’ve been tempted by signs throughout Canada at used car lots that promise “guaranteed financing”. Below we’ll explain what in-house financing is, and let you know about all of the opportunities that come with these programs.

In-house financing has been common for quite some time, and is becoming a more appealing option for Canadians looking for bad credit loans. On the lot, pay as you go credit simply means that the dealer is the lender. Instead of making payments to the bank, you pay the car dealer directly.

This is often seen as the perfect option for people with bad credit who can’t get financed elsewhere. If you have recently filed bankruptcy or have repossessions on your credit history, “tote the note” dealers that offer in-house car financing in Canada may be able to get you into a car, without holding your credit against you.

Most In house financing dealers don’t report to bureaus

Repaying this type of auto loan doesn’t necessarily help your credit score, since many of these dealers don’t report your good payment history to the credit bureaus. They will provide you with the second chance that is needed to get into a vehicle though..

The good news is that there are other options. specializes in getting auto loans for bad credit, no credit, repossession, or bankruptcy. We are dedicated to helping people across all provinces and territories get bad credit auto loan financing, quickly and easily.

Car Loans for Bad Credit

Thousands of Canadians have already learned it is now easier than ever to get approved for car loans online in Canada, regardless of their credit history. How do car loans for bad credit work? If you meet a few basic criteria, you can be approved for car financing in Canada:

• You are currently a Canadian resident
• All bankruptcies must be discharged
• Payments must be below 20% of monthly income
• Financing amount must be below 10 times your monthly income
• No repossessions within the past year unless included as part of a bankruptcy

We work closely with lenders in all ten provinces and three territories to help you get back on the road to re-establishing your credit. Simply submit the application online, and you could be matched with a dealer who is ready and willing to pre-approve your request in a matter of 48 hours.