In Limbo With The ‘Tweens’: Getting Trendy Clothes Online For Your Tween all love to see our girls growing up into beautiful, confident women who can handle themselves anywhere. Nevertheless, before then, they have a lot of growing up to do which comes with a lot of personal discoveries and intense body changes.

This is especially true for our special pre-teens. Their bodies go into a growth overdrive that has their proportions all over the place. This makes getting clothes for them much more difficult than for teenagers who are settling into their body types and shapes quite nicely. Plus, they are starting to have that teenage rebellious streak that makes most things a little more difficult than they need to be and makes them feel less confident about their bodies than they should be.

Thankfully, most stores have the juniors section that caters to this category. It may not be called the juniors section but if you ask for the clothes for your girl’s age bracket, you will be sure to find it. Online shopping is always a convenient way of going about things so you can look for juniors trendy clothes online for your girls and you will be sure to find something she will like.

So how do we go about all this? We have a few tips that could help you get your girl looking great and feeling confident without breaking the bank:

1. What is her size?

She is changing, and fast, so you will need to re-learn your tape measuring skills (is that even a word?) to make sure you get the right fit for her. Get the measurements for her bust, waist and hips for dresses and then add the inseam and the rise to get the right size of jeans. This is very important when you are buying online because you cannot fit the clothes before buying them. Check out the information about the item and ask for what the store does not provide before making the purchase.

2. What is her style?

Granted, this may be a loaded question for a tween but there are ways to find out. The easiest one is letting her pick out what she likes on the online store (she is old enough after all!). This is where you take more of an advisory role and let her define her style for herself. Just make sure you draw the line on the skimpy clothes and help her understand why she does not need that much exposure. That talk will come in handy when your daughter reaches the tougher teenage years, trust me.

3. What is the occasion?

Most kids this age just need clothes for school but some important junior events like the prom need some extra attention. It is therefore important to know what you are shopping for so that your girls can be dressed appropriately for the event.

4. What is the budget?

It is important to stay within a reasonable budget. Remember that she will outgrow most of these clothes fast so go for something affordable and buy a few choice items to play around with different looks. There are many affordable stores carrying junior clothes that you can check out and get as many items as you want without going over the budget.