In the future the iPhone may be unlocked with selfie

In the future, the iPhone may be unlocked with selfie


Over time-release forms of mobile devices have evolved. Years ago we would never have imagined unlocking the mobile using fingerprint or facial recognition, but these methods today are a reality. Currently, the iPhone can be unlocked via an access code or fingerprint ID thanks to the Touch, but in the future could also be done with a selfie.


Weeks ago we spoke in iPadizate new methods to unlock mobile devices that could come in the not too distant future. One was a system of recognition of the user’s ear and another system that would use emoji instead of numbers or letters to create the lock code.


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In iOS in September Apple, it has included the possibility of creating a lock code 6-digit increase security. Now, they have registered a new patent that reveals how the iPhone in the future could be unlocked through a selfie.


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Apple patents a new system of low threshold facial recognition


Apple may prohibit the use of the famous clubs selfie in the latest edition of the WWDC, but the US company has now got a new patent that reveals the possibility that the iPhone can be unlocked with a fast car photo. There is already some other smartphone that can be unlocked through facial recognition, but Apple has gone one step further to improve it with a new system.


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Entitled ‘Low threshold face recognition’ , the patent explain a plan to ‘reduce the impact of lighting conditions and biometric distortions’ that will negatively affect the facial recognition as a solution ‘ It can be finished in the camera-equipped portable consumer devices. ‘ Presumably it could be used in devices like the iPhone or the iPad, not even the possibility that Apple may also join the Watch 2 if I had a camera integrated discarded.


This is not the first time Apple has explored on the issue of facial recognition. If we go back to 2010 we see the company acquired the Swedish company Polar Rose facial recognition, which was responsible for developing software applications to Facebook style able to recognize faces and images.


Will New form of verification in two stages in sight?


With this latest patent could be used to improve all these features, but also could be used as a possible replacement or alternative to Touch ID. On the other hand, from CultofMac they raise the possibility that it could be used to create a new form of check on two much safer steps in which the user can ask the fingerprint through Touch ID and facial recognition through a selfie with the front camera.


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As we said earlier, some years that reached the market some Android devices with built-in facial recognition to unlock ago, but was a so unreliable solution that most users barely used. However, today’s facial recognition has come a long way in recent years, and Apple is one of the companies you are working on it, as you can see with this latest patent filed.

By: EsamPim