Income for non-high school graduate

If you are still in high school and are contemplating dropping out, then you will be interested in knowing the income for a non-high school graduate. The answer is that it isn’t very high, as this article will soon show you.

What part does income and education play for each other?

The US Census Bureau has done many studies to show how income and education levels match up to each other. Statistics have shown that consistently someone who has a higher education makes more money than the by the income for a non-high school graduate. The differences are actually very staggering indeed with a non high school graduate making only around $20,000 a year compared to a person with a diploma making around $30,000 and a person with a degree making between $38 and 53,000 depending on the type of degree.

The levels keep going up from there, making the income for a non-high school graduate a poor choice for those people who didn’t finish high school versus those people who went on to earn a degree in college or at least graduated from high school

High Education Gets More Lifetime Income

It is a proven trend that the more education a person gets, the better their lifetime income will ultimately be. This has been studied since the 1970s and is well documented in many tests and government studies. The Census Bureau has also done studies on the income for a non-high school graduate versus a college graduate or even a high school graduate. Their studies show that this gap in income levels is expected to get worse as the years go by.

Unemployment levels also go down the more education a person has. Studies show that unemployment rates for a high school graduate was only 3.5 percent in 2000, but was twice as much for those who didn’t graduate from high school. If the person graduated from college, the unemployment rate was less than three percent. These facts show just how important education levels are and why the income for a non-high school graduate is so low.

Graduation is the way to stimulate our economy

These findings are a clue as to how to stimulate today’s slacking economy. We have to encourage students to stay in school and not to become high school dropouts. If they don’t finish school, then they are likely doomed to low level and unskilled low paying jobs, which make the income level for a non-high school graduate stay low for the rest of their lives. They are also the ones likely to be laid off or fired when things are bad in the economy.

All in all, it’s vital for students to graduate from high school and get a diploma, and if possible to continue on to higher education or some sort of technical school if they want their incomes to be higher than that of the income level for a non-high school graduate.