Incorporate these 5 Foods into Your Diet

If we actually look at everything we eat, most people will discover that they have rather terrible diets. As Americans we consume far too much sugar, we overeat, and our foods are a lot higher in fat content than they need to be. The reason is simple: sugars and fats taste good. However, those good tastes can lead to an ever increasing waist size. Now there is nothing wrong with indulging every now and then, but you should try to keep these 5 foods as a big part of your diet in order to stay trim and fit.

Dark Green Veggies

You have a lot of options when it comes to your veggies. But try to skip those that are white or pale in color. A good rule of thumb is that the darker they are, the healthier they are. Spinach, kale, asparagus, and broccoli are all packed with nutrients that will help you remain healthy. Loaded with fiber the veggies will keep you regular (and help prevent certain types of cancer), and keep you full longer. You will find your hair, skin, eyes, and bowels are all healthier when you eat dark green veggies.


These are called a super food, although that term is really just marketing fluff. In actuality, every fruit and vegetable is a “super” food in one way or another (except maybe iceberg lettuce, that stuff isn’t worth anything). Avocados have the bulk needed to keep you full, the nutrients needed to keep you healthy, and the good fats to keep your body working the way it needs to.


Small, round, and delicious is the best way to describe a blueberry. But that doesn’t even touch on the full effects of this little fruit. Dark purple fruits like this are packed with anti-oxidants. For those who don’t know what an anti-oxidant is, the best way to explain it is they are cancer fighting warriors.


Fish, especially fatty fish, are great for your health. It may sound counterintuitive, but fatty fish is not the same as fatty beef. These fish are packed with necessary oils, omega acids, and super high in protein. Stick to the wild caught salmon, tuna, and trout to avoid excess mercury in your fish intake.


Remember a dozen years ago when the big diet was to avoid all carbs? Well it turns out carbs aren’t the problem, but simple carbs are. Those are the grains that have been processed down to basically nothing left. Stick to the whole grains like oats, wild rice, and whole wheat. Avoid those that have been processed (white bread and white rice have been sapped of nutrients).

Getting in shape shouldn’t be difficult, but it does take some planning. Breaking your old habits (like eating a poor diet and sitting too much) can be tough at first. But once you are up and going on your new healthy lifestyle, then you will watch your waistline trim down rapidly. By living healthy, you can avoid many different conditions and illnesses; then you will avoid taking dangerous medications to treat those preventable illnesses; and ultimately prevent life threatening side effects.