Increase blog or website traffic and page rank using yahoo answers

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If you are a blogger then you understand the importance of traffic and page rank. Many bloggers publish very good content but fail to get traffic. So, they do not get succeeded and hence wont earn any money. I here have an interesting source through which you can get great traffic for a long time. The source is ‘yahoo answers’. I have written an article earlier regarding the ways of making money through it.

Here I would like to discuss the method of getting traffic from the site mentioned earlier. The site provides a resource box where you can place a link. Person interested will watch your article and hence you can gain huge traffic. How to do this?

Check this example and this will help you.

Let us assume that I have been promoting my webanswers article.

Then check for the related questions and queries at the site. Then solve the question asked by the user and place the link.

Let us assume that the question is- ‘how to earn money at webanswers?’

Now answer the question like this-‘It is an adsense revenue sharing site that pays the user for asking and answering questions. They place ads on threads and share impressions with 60-40% revenue. There are many things that do influence the earnings like quality, award promotion etc. Please check the link below redirecting you to an article where everything is explained in detail’ Now place the relevant link of your article.

The site gets a huge traffic and whenever the user finds your link useful, you get traffic. But do this in a limited sense. Otherwise you will be banned from them. Initially build your reputation by gathering points at the site.

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