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Increase brand exposure at expos with these simple tips

When appearing at an industry-wide expo, every company there wants to increase brand exposure as much as possible. Doing so leads to an increase in customers and thus sales and business overall. There are a number of tips that a company can follow to make the most of an upcoming expo.

First of all, a company should make sure that it has a strong online presence. Now is the time to check the website and contact an IT professional if the site needs some sprucing up. All links should be functional, the site should be optimised for mobile users, and it should have a pleasing design. Next, a company should update with social media posts, informing customers and would-be customers about the company’s appearance at the expo. Make sure to utilise all popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube if applicable.

With Internet presence covered, the company can still do more to increase brand awareness. Before the expo, the company can order promotional items emblazoned with the company name and logo. These items should be both practical and inexpensive so that the company can afford to hand out a large number of items. For example, Absolute Promos in Australia can print a company name and logo on items like tote bags, gym bags, baseball caps, coffee mugs, calculators, umbrellas, little foam footballs, and keychains.

Items like these appeal to different companies in various industries. Food-based companies may want the company name on coffee mugs, while engineering or construction companies can shine with calculators with the company logo on them. Athletic companies should try printed keychains, gym bags, caps, and foam footballs. Of course, any company can stand out with printed umbrellas and tote bags.

Handing out these promotional items can benefit a company at an expo in a number of ways. Most of these items can be worn or carried regularly, allowing the consumer to spread awareness of the company’s brand without any special effort. These small items also make much more of an impact than a business card. While business cards can be easily lost, these items are all worth holding on to.

When a consumer receives a tiny gift, they will remember the recipient. These items thus help the company stand out from the competition from that angle alone. Consumers will also be more likely to flock to the booth that has actual fun items to give out rather than business cards. This can make the company quite a major attraction at an expo.

If a company wants other items for printing, these are also available at Absolute Promotions. Beanies are great for athletic companies or when an expo occurs in the winter. Pens, pencils, and other writing items are classic and impactful. Lanyards allow the consumer to wear the company so to speak. T-shirts will certainly get people talking about the company. Water bottles are a great alternative to coffee mugs, since everyone drinks water and many people drink from re-useable water bottles regularly. A computer company may want to print the company name and logo on flash drives and hand these out. The flash drive could even contain a text document or a video file about the company to pique interest.

By using these promotional items and giving them out at expos, a company can increase brand exposure. Combined with a good online presence as well as a sturdy marketing campaign, a company will likely see its customers increase when using items like these.

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