How To Increase Efficiency In The Health Care Profession

Modern healthcare providers are, by definition, in the data business.

It is an exciting time for the health care industry. One of the greatest innovations in recent years has not been a new drug or lab test, but advancements in the way data is collected and used to increase overall efficiency. From the delivery of patient care to payments and administration, big data technology is changing every aspect of the health care industry.

Modern healthcare providers are, by definition, in the data business.
Modern healthcare providers are, by definition, in the data business.

Big Data Partnerships

Big data has helped businesses in nearly every industry increase efficiency – perhaps none more than the healthcare industry. According to Forbes, healthcare entities are using big data to improve quality of life, cure diseases, avoid preventable deaths and to predict epidemics.

Data-driven healthcare has fostered an environment in which partnerships flourish. Some facilities have partnered with IBM’s cloud health care analytics service, Watson Health. Others have received biometric data and real-time activity from Apple Watch users.

Data to Boost Customer Engagement

Some organizations are applying the big data concept to encourage and support customer interaction, and much of this interaction occurs in real time. Some facilities have used data to track the impact of changes ushered in by the Affordable Care Act. Other health care providers have created models that map resistance to epidemics on a national level. Both of these projects have enabled physicians and administrators to improve and innovate not just services and products, but the methods used to deliver them.

One group instituted a program in which customers used portals to exchange messages, pay bills, view lab results schedule appointments and more. The group then analyzed millions of portal interactions to discover ways that certain activities could be streamlined and made more efficient.

No matter what its application, big data requires reliable database management and administration.

Enlist the Help of a Quality Database Administrator

As discussed in the article “Expert Interview with Christopher Foot on Increasing Efficiency,” the data management environment is complicated and critical – and it gets more complex with every data set you accumulate. Hire a database management firm that specializes only in that service.

It is important for your database administrator to be an expert in every aspect of the technology, whether you’re setting up advanced security or configuring a clustered environment. Make sure your database administrator uses a proactive monitoring architecture and maintains dedicated personnel for troubleshooting and support.

The arrival of new partnerships has turned big data for healthcare into a collaborative industry. However, since big data solutions are only as good as the firm that manages the organization’s databases, the most important partnership might not be with Apple or IBM, but with a company’s database administrator.