Increase Productivity with Efficient Technology Devices

If your business has been suffering from low productivity, there are better ways to increase your output than threatening staff with job losses. You might want to consider retraining them, bringing in business analysts who will survey your workplace and suggest places where improvements can be made, or updating your equipment. There are a lot of choices to be made if you wish to update your equipment. One such breakthrough technology has been barcode scanners. A barcode scanner is an electronic device that reads the barcode labels and decodes the barcode image data to provide valuable information.

A barcode scanner has been increasingly adopted in the retail industry and has made checkout points highly efficient. Retail is not the only industry they have found their applicability, the latest use is seen in advertisements and promotion. Smartphones are loaded with apps for barcode scanners that can capture data from QR codes used for promotion and take you directly to the business website to make a purchase. They also find their use in stock rooms for auto updating the central computer with the stock movement. Here are two options that can actually improve your staff productivity:

Hand-held barcode scanner

The ls2208 handheld barcode scanner is lightweight, reliable and reasonably inexpensive. It could be just what you have been looking for to increase productivity in your workplace. It doesn’t matter if you wish to use the scanner at the point of sale or in the stockroom as either area will benefit. Using the ls2208 scanner in the stockroom helps you to control your inventory and helps you track your assets. This way your company will buy only what it needs. Using it at the point of sale will make transactions faster and easier, and the diverse working range – from near touch to almost a foot and a half away – makes this an ideal scanner.

Touch screen monitors

The ls2208 has a range of on-board interfaces to help it interact with whatever systems you use, and if speed and ease of use is on your mind, you should consider investing in Windows 8 and a touch screen monitor. Windows 8 has been designed to be used on the touchscreen monitors; the icons are bigger and everything flows better. There are many ways such a system can benefit your business. For a start, they are easy to use so you won’t have expensive re-training to pay for. For another, they are much faster than the traditional keyboard and mouse approaches, and are not as prone to mistakes as voice recognition software is. These are just two of the products you can use to rectify the productivity issues in your business.