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Increase your Youtube views and reviews and get rid of frustration

You’re one of those that you suffer from less youtube views? Are videos that really deserve a few thousand views and not reach even a hundred? Do you hate to see that video of a cat yawning has 1,000 times more views your tutorial on how to create a hydroelectric turbine engine? I understand your frustration, and so today you open your eyes with a simple but effective trick that will help you get millions of Real YouTube Views naturally, without programs, without bots without pitfalls. It is so simple and has gone so unnoticed that only a bastard like me has realized its true potential, so read and soak my youtube wisdom.

First, a subscriber receives occasionally a newsletter by email from YouTube where the latest developments in the channels where you subscribe appear. Second, a subscriber is someone who has shown a stronger interest others in your content. It is first important to you intention. It is not a client, but it is someone who in a way has validated the quality of your videos and tells you that you are interested in these issues. At least he is someone you could try to develop a relationship. I’m talking about networking medium / long term.

Stand up on your channel

It is important to stand up on your YouTube channel, especially if you want to get subscribers. Be yourself. People are not looking for a superhero, only ordinary people eager to share interesting things.

Customize the look and feel of your channel

First of all, you have to show some consideration for your audience. If a new visitor comes to your channel and what you find is the look and feel of YouTube default will think you’ve made no effort to customize it. It is likely that this visit did not come back, because the impression that your channel is not something will be worked. Links to the above tactical and include yourself in the photo background of your channel.

Publish new videos regularly

It is important that input has an initial content of 5 or 10 videos , then you commit to publish at least a couple of videos per month , so people notice that your channel is alive . It is another sign of consideration. With this you will see that as you do Google, YouTube will think more of you if you show your commitment to this network publishing fresh and interesting content on a regular basis.

Encourage participation from your videos and encourages your community

Equally important is to try to encourage participation in the talks from the video itself ask people to leave you a comment, to give you a ‘like’ the video if the content has seemed good to them, and remind them that if subscribers of your channel will never lose more than one of your videos are made.

You have to respond to all comments and also moderate the talks if necessary. It is basic working restraint and attention which shows that you care for the people who interact with you on your channel. Number of views and reviews of you video shows and prove that how popular it is. You should ensure the best review to promote your video in this social channel.

If you’re developing a video series, for example, on Twitter, and you have seven recordings, it is interesting that at the end of each go putting a note in which you can integrate a link to another one of your videos on YouTube . Considered a note as a direct link to another video highlights.

These annotations let you make an internal navigation on YouTube and have a clear call to action to continue surfing and watching the rest of your videos. The result will be a significant improvement in the reproductions of all the videos of the series.

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