The biggest thing to keep in mind when trying to increase speed is that no matter how much you train, you will eventually hit a genetic threshold in which no matter how many squats, power cleans, or plyometric you do, you will not get any faster. As you get closer to this threshold, it will become harder and harder to see significant increases.

The most common area where people can work and see some good improvement–especially when they are in their younger years–is in form. If you Google or use the search button, there are various articles that are very informative and talk about proper running form.

Another way to increase overall foot speed, both laterally and linearly, is through plyometric. Again, searching this forum, and using Google, you can find some great plyometric workouts. Plyometric basically help increase flexibility and explosiveness in body movement. The way it achieves this is basically by repeating certain motions over and over again making them more natural to the body, eventually making them instinctive.

The third and final way to increase speed is through weight lifting and stretching. Increasing overall strength can also help increase speed if the muscle is worked properly. This is important to keep in mind. Just weight lifting alone will not make you faster. Just plyometric or form training alone will make you run a 4.3 40. If this were true, Ronnie Coleman would hold the world record for the fastest 100m. It is a combination of the three listed above that will increase speed. When weightlifting, you obviously want to focus on the legs (SQUATS, leg press, leg curl/extensions) but also on overall core strength. Adding core strength (abs and back) helps increase balance and stability allowing you to stay on your feet at high speed, make those quick jukes, and take a hit and keep on moving. Ways to increase core strength include crunches/setups, roman chairs, DEADLIFTS, various flies, rows and raises, let pulls, etc. etc. etc.
Although it can be fun, i would advise against making a program unless you truly have a good base of knowledge/experience with creating and doing workouts. For 90% of the people in this forum, i can guarantee this isn’t you. I don’t mean to be a dick, but it’s true. If you choose to make a workout and post it in this forum, be sure you are ready to actually have it criticized; after all, that’s what the thread is all about. When you receive the criticism, don’t take it personal and think people are just being dicks, they’re giving their advice; you should probably listen instead of crying about it.
So, in conclusion, unless you have experience and knowledge, you shouldn’t be making a workout in the first place. If you choose to post a workout, be prepared to have it ripped to shreds. Don’t take it personal, listen to the advice given, and follow it. You asked for a reason, being closed-minded about it will not help anything.

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