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Incredible Health Benefits of Bananas

Ever since I was little, I have loved bananas. One of my favorite recipes is banana chocolate chip bread that I make every summer. Sometimes, for breakfast, I eat a banana right off the stem to get my day started. There are countless ways to enjoy this delicate fruit, and you can enjoy all of them. The health benefits of bananas are considered to be a superfood for the body and here is why.

Bananas are Rich in Potassium

First, bananas are probably best well-known for their potassium. This potassium helps to keep our nervous system under control. When we exercise, it’s a good idea to eat a banana after your workout. Doing so will help prevent your body from experiencing muscle cramps. Also, the carbs contained within bananas are going to refuel your body after a workout, giving you the energy to go on with your day.

bananas help reduce symptoms of diabeteseat

Another Health Benefit of Bananas is Helping with Insulin Sensitivity

Bananas may also help to improve insulin sensitivity. When a body becomes resistant to insulin, it may be an open door to diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, of which 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed each year. If you have or are at risk for developing diabetes, bananas can be a useful part of your healthy meal plan for diabetes prevention. Bananas safeguard against diabetes, however, and may regulate the body instead of increasing the chances of it contracting diabetes. Unripe bananas—those bananas that are green—are the best to eat, but for now, more studies are needed.

Bananas are Heart Healthy

On another note, bananas may support a healthy heart. This is because eating bananas keep blood pressure under control. This is due to the potassium within the banana, but even then, a regular-sized banana only contains around nine percent potassium. If your goal is to prevent heart disease, it’s necessary to eat a potassium-rich diet. It lowers your chances of a heart attack by up to twenty-seven percent.

Being Happy is Another Little-Known Health Benefit of Bananas

Furthermore, eating bananas makes you happy. This is because it increases the tryptophan within your body. You’re less likely to have depression or be moody once you eat them. Tryptophan is known as a happy hormone, and it also helps us to keep our stress levels low. When you find yourself worrying about the small things, pick up this delicious fruit, and all your worries will go away. If only life was that simple, right?

Bananas Can Help Reduce Symptoms of PMS

Finally, if you have bad PMS symptoms, bananas can assist in your relief. Eating a banana is going to regulate your blood sugar and reduce your stress by providing stress-relieving relaxation to your body. It’s also going to take away the risk of anemia that many women are at risk of while on PMS, because eating is nearly impossible when cramps take over. But bananas are easy on the digestion system. If you have the runs on PMS, this is going to help PMS move along much quicker.

How do you enjoy this fruit? You can make a fruit salad, eat it right off the vine or put into bread. Bake it into pies, cookies or cakes but however you eat bananas, know that your body is getting lots of vitamins and minerals. This has always been—and continues to be—my favorite fruit and the health benefits of bananas are a bonus to the flavor. I don’t think anything could change that.

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