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Industries that Benefit most from Cloud Technology

Cloud computing
Cloud computing

Many industries have already adapted to cloud technology with others planning to do so by end of the year. Integrating cloud into core processes and system boost production rate as it one-of-a-kind platform for innovation as well as has the potential to improve business processes. It gives a competitive advantage to survive in today’s tech-savvy market.

Cloud computing provides various opportunities for corporations to store documents, host applications and software. A few most prominent benefits out of many can be cost reduction, security enhancement, ease of information access to authorized personnel and workplace composure!

Each industry, as per its hierarchy and infrastructure exploits the technology for maximum return. Today, we’ll discuss which type of organisation can make the most from embracing cloud tech so sit back and read on.

Success margin for hotel industry is high! Moving their operations to cloud platform welcomes traffic hence more profit. With the raging trend of on-the-go internet, customers and frequent travelers usually book a hotel while commuting. It connects them to industry-specific cloud server and allows making alterations if there’s any change of plan. The primary challenge for hotel business is many of them rely on old-fashioned IT services and applications like the usual Excel sheet. If one is to grow and earn profit, better move towards the cloud and compete equally with the aggregators.

Life sciences
As the intricacy and degree of clinical trial data amplifies, researchers usually seek new methods to filter data and remain abreast with the trend. With cloud, there may be significant decrease in clinical trial costs, improve patient care services and accelerate innovation which adds to customer, employees and organisation benefit!

Education industry, especially the Research and Development sector always requires innovation and advancement in technology. Moving to cloud is a wise option that automates their administrative processes so that the staff may focus more on critical issues. It’ll eventually develop a centralized information and knowledge depository to boost internal and external communication while allow technical department to learn about the latest trends that may bring more success.

Real estate
Cloud data storage is considered a lifesaver in real estate industry as busy agents can quickly recover their files with minimum or no data loss as compared to old, tape storage means. Finding a reliable and compatible cloud service provider for backup, general software update and other such tasks is most important. Meanwhile, one shouldn’t go an extra mile in terms of cost just for something fancy; it’s all about implementing the right service at the right time for the right outcome.

For sharing documents – Various organisations around the globe prefer Dropbox for massive file and data sharing among the team mates. For instance, rather than taking a huge pile of paper binder and files, you can simply access account over professional file sharing application and come clean with the task more effectively and quickly.

Users can even download as many files as possible thus they save all the mess that would’ve been created by toner, paper and copier. Less depreciation means more productivity and effectiveness.

Saves time – Now, compare a cloud application such as Google Docs to post a Microsoft Office document over the web with traditional paper! This web document can be shared and viewed by mass online users who’ve access to it and can even edit and provide relevant feedback on it at the moment! Tracking changes is also easier and all these benefits are nowhere around the old-fashioned paper folder. The best part is; you don’t even need to email individually, one by one and round by round that’s quite annoying when you need quick results and response.

Google calendar – Extremely simple to update with an ability to sync various data to Google Calendar as a reminder! You can synchronize various events such as holidays, movie release, visit a coffee shop, have a date so on just with a single click.
Improved connection – Automatic synchronization of your devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, office and home computer with cloud enhance connectivity and allow you to exploit the technology at its best.

Consumer products & services
Benefits of cloud for marketing leaders’ dwells around enhancing organisation’s external proposals! A study suggested that cloud computing work wonders for companies in many ways of which three are more prominent;
– Boost sales force effectiveness and expertise
– Introduce fresh products quickly and effectively in market and
– Improved customer satisfaction

These benefits can be identified by integrating cloud tech to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to the cloud and leverage it to web, email marketing campaigns, socializing and reach mass audience.

With cloud, storing sheer volume of consumer information and buying preference for future transactions is an added advantage. It helps to achieve targeted sales and puts effective marketing strategies at their best. End consumers are able to connect through multiple channels such as email, social media and even telephone and it all gets an up-thrust with cloud.

Healthcare, financial and banking, law enforcing agencies, government contractors, travel and entertainment management sectors along with many others have their thumbs-up for cloud computing. With so many advantages, holding back may be the biggest mistake you’ll do especially in today’s ever competitive environment.

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