Inexpensive Retrofit Vehicle Bollard

Inexpensive retrofit vehicle bollards present the user with saving on funds. A bollard simply refers to a short vertical post. Originally, the word bollard used to mean a post for quay or ships majorly for mooring. Nowadays, a bollard refers to a variety of road structures that are used to control the flow of traffic or redirect traffic. Such posts are usually arranged across a road to obstruct motor vehicles from passing through a road. Also, a bollard can be used in light manufacturing industry to identify short post light fittings.

The word bollard probably came from the word bole which means a tree trunk. Inexpensive retrofit vehicle bollards are rigid and strong posts usually arranged in line and can also be used to separate pedestrians from traffic. Inexpensive bollards can also be placed very near each other so that they block usual vehicles but wide enough permitting special purpose motor vehicles to pass through. In this way, they enclose car free zones. The mobile bollards are portable and can be folded flat to allow temporary passage for vehicles to drive over them.

Inexpensive Bollards

The normal bollard can cost between eleven thousand to one hundred thousand dollars. This depends on the ability of the bollard to withstand ramming from vehicles with speed. The most expensive ones are those that stop vehicles that drive at the speed of fifty miles per hour.

One can buy inexpensive retrofit vehicle bollards from online stores. The online stores offer the convenience of comparing prices as well as easy switching from one shop to another to gather as much information as possible from the sites. Some vendors offer money back guarantees which give confidence to the buyers that the quality of the bollards is high. There are those online stores who will also give the buyer the change to use the product for a period of time. After the trial period, if the buyer wants the bollard, they can go ahead and pay for it.

Apart from their safety features, bollards are found in inexpensive retrofit art shapes. They present as artistic features on the road. They look very inviting in as much as they block vehicles from passing through certain roads.

Benefits of Inexpensive Retrofit Vehicle Bollards

The major benefit of a bollard is safety and security of vehicles. They offer warnings and alerts to motorists that they should not pass through a certain road because there may be construction work going on or there may be a pothole on that road. They also offer safe distance separation from pedestrians. Another passive benefit is that they offer beauty to the landscape of a certain area especially if they are beautifully sculpted.

Cheap retrofit vehicle bollards also direct traffic making it easy for road traffic control officers to do their jobs. If funds are low, one can create a simple bollard from a vertical post or pole that is acceptable to be placed on the road. Inexpensive retrofit vehicle bollards are easy to create.