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Infertility: Common Causes and Solutions


Infertility has become a widespread problem these days, as more and more couples around the world are finding it difficult to conceive in a natural way. Stress, environmental problems, disease and simply, delaying pregnancy are the main reasons why couples are coming across infertility issues at such a widespread scale. It is shocking to learn that one in every six couples is facing problems in childbearing. Though women are held responsible for infertility most of the times, the probability of men being on the wrong side is equal. In many cases, the problem may go unexplained and doctors are unable to establish the exact cause of infertility treatment.

Infertility: Common Causes and Solutions

Causes of Infertility in Women

Age is the primary factor which determines the fertility of a woman, with the woman being at her best when she is in her twenties. Her fertility starts dwindling gradually as she steps into her thirties and by the forties, chances go down at an abrupt rate. Smoking and obesity are the other key causes of infertility in women. Another common cause of female infertility is irregular period and related problems such as heavy bleeding and irregular period, which results in ovulation problems. Sometimes, the fertility of a woman is affected due to hormonal problems, diseases, blockage of tubes or some other conditions.

Causes of Infertility in Women

Unlike women, men keep producing sperms as they grow older, which means that age seldom has a bearing on the fertility of men, unless they suffer from low sperm counts or malformation of sperms. Hormonal imbalances, obstruction of the organs which carry the sperms to the reproductive organs, testicular injuries and some sexually transmitted diseases can also cause male infertility. Diabetes can also lead to infertility in men as it tends to cause erectile dysfunction. Similarly, thyroid issues can lead to decrease in number and motility of the sperms. Men undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment may also suffer from infertility issues.

Solution of Infertility

When a couple comes across infertility issue, acceptance of the problem is the first step that needs to be taken for eradicating it. An expert has then to be consulted to find the root of the problem and try to solve it accordingly. Ovulation problems in women are the easiest to handle as ovulation can be regularized with the help of medicines and injectibles. Some problems such as endometriosis or blockage of fallopian tubes can be addressed with the help of surgical methods. For those couples where these methods fail to yield results, assisted reproductive technique (ART) comes up as a solution. These techniques include IUI, IVF process, egg donation and surrogacy. IUI or intra uterine insemination is carried out by implanting the sperms of a man in the woman’s uterus with a long and narrow tube, the method is helpful when there is a problem with ejaculation and sperm count and motility. IVF or in vitro fertilization involves combining the egg and sperm in laboratory conditions and placing the embryo so formed in the mother’s womb. Egg donation comes ahead as a feasible action when the egg or sperms or both are not healthy enough to get a positive pregnancy. Surrogacy involves another woman who carries the couple’s baby in her womb as the woman is not able to sustain pregnancy.

All these methods are a result of advanced technology and one of them is sure to bring happiness in the lives of childless couples.

Infertility: Common Causes and Solutions
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