Infidelity can be overcome if both are committed to growing

Infidelity can be overcome if both are committed to growing

Infidelity is a phase in the life of many couples in crisis and is more common than we think or want to accept; Today is quite easy to meet people and moments that facilitate it. It occurs when there are two people involved deceived and unfaithful.

The deluded experience the following feelings: guilt, disappointment, sadness, anger, anger, hurt, insecurity, fear, feelings of revenge, despair, discouragement, scammed.

The infidel in most cases feel guilty, worthless, confused, fear, shame, handcuffed, repentance, relieved that everything has been discovered, resigned to the decision made by the couple.

All these feelings should be treated so to assimilate and digest the situation in seeking to overcome them. They all go shrinking and shrinking over time, are decided to separate or stay together.

If the decision was to save the relationship must follow a set of guidelines to overcome the situation and participation are needed by both members of the couple.

The deluded shall:

Upon discovering the behavior of your partner, talk openly looking for the answers to all your questions, details of how it happened, how long, how many people, places, conversations, among others. Apparently it sounds illogical but very effective when what you want is to silence the mind that is creating situations that might not occur, as more details have obtained fewer chance minds play tricks tormenting more than it is already. When we are no loose ends we disconnect the subject and we can not begin to forget.

Expresses the feelings when you feel you have to, you go do not accumulate because an explosion will occur. If you feel sad, angry, wanting a hug or want to scream to let out all the pain in your chest, tell it to your partner because if you know no others can not read minds.

Search your partner repentance and sincerity in their actions and in their gestures. See if really looking Reconquista Rte. Search the sincerity in his eyes when talking to you.

Rate acts performed to recover, an exit or a bouquet of roses are not the final solution but contribute enough.

The infidel shall:

Be sincere with your partner. Answered all questions honestly makes you remember that she is so bewildered that is like blind and can not see anything, then you must you point the way. Let him know what were the possible reasons for acting as they did, just in case you think it was some behavior that throw you behave well, tell and try to correct it. If you passed a bad time I express it loneliness, misunderstanding, bad humor, the support of the other person, etc.

Tries by all means to win back your partner uses the things that you know she likes. Start again from the beginning, in the phase of falling in love, remember that time as the fall in love?

Try to be with her at all times, giving support and leaving their space when required.

Let her know how sorry you are and you want to try again. Let them know that they can together overcome.

I try to observe yourself and have your behavior retrospect, that was what I took you to fall in that situation, why? Search this response and see if it was insecurity or low self-esteem and needed the approval of another person to feel better. If the reason has to do with low self-esteem then dedicate yourself to cultivate and raise the value you have as a person to situations how are you not recur later.

Working together:

Communicate everything about the subject, both the mistakes and about the monotony in the relationship.
Search highlight the virtues of the couple as often as possible. Value the other person and let them know.
To say I LOVE YOU with the heart, whenever they feel like doing.
Try to find activities to do together, something that appeals to them.
Strengthen the bond that has always united, choose one day a week for the two of us. Sometimes the schedule is always taken over and there is a moment alone, whether for children or because they simply are not looking for a time for both.
Establish common goals for the future, this will help them stay focused on something together.

Finally I say that when there are true love and desire to try everything possible to recover a relationship that is thought is lost, it is only a matter of time and forgive and give others the opportunity to amend the error. We are all human and make mistakes so we always have the right to a second chance.

! When we contribute both the couple and communicates everything does not fall into infidelity!