Information About Churches That Help Poor Families Pay Bills

Information about Churches That Help Poor Families Pay Bills

Numerous individuals want to know about organizations and churches that help poor families pay bills especially today where in financial crisis are heavily experienced. It is widely known that churches are the foremost society helpers regardless of the problem. Financially speaking, seeking help in religious groups is possible. Although, you can’t expect much since most of their giveaways are in the form of commodities. Aside from this, what other information do you need to know about churches helping families with low income?

Churches that help pay bills for non-members

The most common religious groups that can help you pay your bills are Catholic churches and Jewish synagogues. There are some churches that only help members of their community and church. However, not all churches follow this principle. Some hand out food and clothing supplies or even cash to everyone regardless of their belief, practices and religion. However, as mentioned earlier, most donations given to churches are commodities. Monetary donations are also given but they typically use this to buy more commodities. Thus, you can’t expect them to have sufficient funds for your financial need. Nonetheless, if your timing is right, you will be able to find churches that help poor families pay bills with sufficient funds.

The beauty of going to churches as your first option is that they can give you more information regarding your problem. They would refer you to other organizations or even government programs that would be able to help financially.

Churches that help pay bills for their members only

As mentioned earlier, in order to seek financial support from churches you have to be an avid member of their church. If you are a Protestant, Born Again Christian and other types of religious groups, you can seek financial help from your church. But, you have to be an active member and would be able to participate in other activities your church promotes. You can check websites such as for further details or inquire directly at your minster.

Assistance you can get from churches

In regards to monthly payments, there are certain types of bills that churches honor and provide financial support. One in particular is your monthly rental. However, they can only provide a portion of your bill. Furthermore, this can only happen once unless you are disabled or considered as a senior citizen. Churches also have their guidelines and qualifications in regards to handing out financial support. Fortunately, these guidelines are not that firm compared to the government’s criterions. Other payments such as utility bills including heating bills and food allowances can also be supported by churches.


Financially speaking, relying on churches is not a smart move. If you are in dire need in terms of paying your rentals and other monthly bills, government and private organizations are your best move. Most of these institutions have numerous sponsors and donors backing them up. You may be able to acquire sufficient amount of money if you seek through them. Still, you can inquire and ask churches that help poor families pay bills but you can’t expect full monetary support.