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If your a dog lover, then you know the beauty and also the hassle that come with having one. Dogs are a beautiful creation on this earth and needless to say the best pet you could own! But what makes a dog Good or bad? Simple, their owners. If you give an animal the attention and time they deserve they will by far be more incredible then you could ever imagine. Personally, I much rather have a puppy thats first born to have that real connection with, but there is no question about what a real connection is, and that is when your dog chooses you.

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From raising a year and a half old pitbull, I can easily say that all dogs, especially pits, are misunderstood. Every dog has different sounds, actions, and reactions. Example, a lot of dogs go to the door to let you know they need to go outside, others like mine, decide they’re going to put their bootlip on my leg, arm, face, whatever, until I take him out. Every dog is different. That’s why paying attention to your dog is vital. The more time that you spend with your dog, the more of an understanding and appreciation you will have for them.

When you ignore your dog, neglect them, abuse or mistreat them, they act out. And they have every right to. The smallest change in a dog’s life stresses them out. So could you imagine what giving them up to a new owner does to them? Some dogs act out by chewing everything you leave on the floor, others, tear up your furniture. So you just worked fourteen hours, you’re ready to come home, take a hot bath and relax…but you forgot to pick up those $175 heels you just bought with your brand new $300 authentic Coach bag. Uh-oh. So who’s fault is it really? Yours. You should have picked it up before you left. Now you’re ready to holler and scream and beat your dog for your mistake. You need Anger Management. Good, you’re learning.

Your dog isn’t a punching bag. Your dog is probably the only person who will love you unconditionally other than your mom. did you know that when you arrive from work or getting your nails done, or for the guys, coming from the saints game, that when your dog’s sees its human they feel just as we do when we’re in love? So no matter what they do wrong and how you may punish them they still love you more than anything in this world.

There are multiple ways to train your loving animal. The way I trained mine was by showing him. When I showed him how to sit, I pushed his butt down and made him sit, while repeating “good boy, alpha, sit, sit.” And gave him a treat. Its not always the best idea to give your dog only treats, show them encouragement by petting them and saying how well they are doing. You may have to repeat this a few times but it’s the easiest one to teach. To teach them lay down I used the same method. I had to get a little forceful but not where I was being aggressive. Let your dog know you are proud of them, they are just like kids! To teach my dog to stand and to roll over was the absolute hardest but still didnt take me any more than 10 mins to teach him. To have him stand, I stood up, held a treat out at eye level making him get on his hind legs an kept saying “good boy alpha, good boy!” He finally realized what I wanted him to do and it’s a piece of cake now. To roll over I had to command him to lay first, then literally rolled him over myself. He freaked out somewhat but after a few treats, he was a pro! Now If only I could get him to roll over on his other side…

Use the same method for all of what you want to teach your dog. Some dogs will vary and may need a different method to teach them but as long as you have time and patience for them, you will do a great job. Helpful tip, when your dog isn’t feeling well and has some type of infection, depending on your dog size, benadryl is OKAY to give your dog. My dog weighs roughly around 40lbs an one does him fine. 🙂

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