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Ingrown Hair Treatment Info


If you are a victim razor bumps, then you have definitely searched for ingrown hair treatment over and over again. Ingrown hair occurs when a strand of your hair curls back or simply grows to one side beneath the skin. When this occurs, you will have pimples on the affected area which are expensive and may end up leaving you with scars. In severe cases, many aftershave bumps may appear around the shaved region. These unpleasant bumps lead to scarring and skin inflammation shortly after shaving.

Causes of ingrown hair

Dry skin because from lack of moisture.

  1. Excess fat embedded in the hair follicles.
  2. Buildup of dead skin which end up blocking the skin pores. This hinders proper growth of hair hence ingrown hair.
  3. If you have course curly hair, then you are at a higher risk of ingrown hair. This is simply because your hair curls in nature, if it curls before protruding on the skin, then you will definitely have ingrown hair problem.
  4. Improper shaving. This is the most common cause of ingrown hair. You should shave your hair in the right direction and avoid shaving it against you hair grain at all cost.
  5. Stiff body hair

Symptoms of ingrown hair

Before looking for ingrown hair treatment, you should first go through the symptoms and make sure you are suffering from it and not another skin disorder. Here is a list of the common symptoms of ingrown hair.

  1. Swelling of the skin in affected area, you are also likely to develop many small bumps which may be painful and itchy.
  2. Presence of puss. When you have ingrown hair, you are most likely to develop an infection in the area which will form puss.
  3. Itchiness and tenderness in the area with ingrown hair.
  4. Skin inflammation and presence of red bumps in the affected area.

Treatment of ingrown hair

There are quite a number of ways to treat ingrown hair. However, these methods defer depending on your case. One the most common method used to in ingrown hair treatment is warm, compress and exfoliation. When you soften up your air using warm water, it opens up the skin pores and the ingrown hair comes out really easy. If you have a severe condition, simply clean the infected area using a mild cleanser, deep a piece of cloth in warm water and then dab the infected area. This should do away with the infection. It is also recommended you apply disinfectant, for instance hydrogen peroxide after pulling out the ingrown hair. If the infection persists, it is advised you see a doctor.

How to prevent ingrown hairs

After a successful ingrown hair treatment, you should make sure this condition does not recur. Some of the known method to prevent ingrown hair is avoiding taking hot showers shortly after shaving. If you take bath using too hot water, your skin pores may be irritated leading to bumps and discomfort. You should also stay away from workouts soon after shaving. Skin is a very sensitive organ, your workout tights can chaff, moisture and expose your skin pores to bacteria.


Treating and preventing ingrown hair can be done easily. Nevertheless, ingrown hair treatment can prolong if you fail these simple instructions.

Ingrown Hair Treatment Info
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