Inner Thigh Liposuction for Slimmer Legs

For many women, excess fat in the thigh region is an aesthetic concern and also a cause of physical discomfort due to chaffing when the thighs rub together. Often, even strict diets and rigorous exercises cannot resolve these stubborn fat deposits and tone the thighs as desired. That’s why many women choose to undergo inner thigh liposuction to get rid of the unwanted fat deposits in the thighs and achieve slim, well-shaped legs.

Inner Thigh Liposuction using SmartLipo

Inner thigh liposuction has now become more gentle and safer with the advanced minimally invasive SmartLipo Triplex technology. With a combination of three laser wavelengths, this workstation helps the plastic surgeon to deliver high-definition body sculpting results.

The area to be treated is first numbed with a tumescent local anesthesia. A small incision is then made to insert the cannula with triple laser wave-lengths (1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm), which can be used independently or uniquely blended with MultiPlex™ technology to disrupt the fatty tissues.

• 1064nm + 1440nm – breaks down the adipose tissue in less downtime
• 1064nm + 1320nm – tightens the tissue through coagulation in the subdermal layer

The laser energy breaks up the fat cells, while coagulating the surrounding blood vessels, which minimizes bleeding. The liquefied fat can then be easily removed. The laser energy stimulates the production of collagen and tightens loose skin.

To avoid over treatment and other complications, this technology comes with added safety features such as SmartSense™ with ThermaGuide™ and ThermaView™. These systems allow the device to intelligently heat and sense skin temperature to provide optimal skin tightening without overheating or risk of burns. ThermaView™is equipped with an infrared thermal camera that alerts the surgeon when the maximum recommended skin temperature is reached.

This laser liposuction procedure effectively removes the surplus fat without the necessity of large incisions. As the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia, treatment is much safer and side effects are minimal. Mild bruising usually resolves within a few days. Recovery time is also minimal and patients can resume mild activities almost immediately. Immediate results are seen, which is a notable reduction in fat along with a compact and improved thigh region. It is important to follow the surgeon’s instructions for smooth, faster recovery.

Advantages of Laser Liposuction

• Faster and smoother healing
• Tissue coagulation and skin tightening effects
• Safe treatment
• High definition sculpting
• Less pain and discomfort
• Minimal complications and scarring
• Quick recovery
• Longer-lasting results
• Better and more uniform skin retraction

To achieve superior aesthetic results for inner thigh liposuction, it is very important to choose a plastic surgeon who is skilled and experienced in the procedure. Also, make sure that the surgery will be carried out at an AAAASF certified plastic surgery center with the latest equipment and technology as well as capable and caring support staff. This is the best way to assure your safety and optimal body contouring.