Innovative Uses For Wineglass Labels

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Innovative Uses For Wineglass Labels, SeekytAs the economy begins to improve, competition between retailers is sharp. As such, it’s important to stay one step ahead of the game. Wineglass labels are an essential marketing tool, allowing you to display branding, nutritional facts and other important product information. This is particularly useful when packaging products which lack space for other labelling materials, such as netted bags of fruit.

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With consumers ever passionate about health and nutrition, it’s paramount that nutritional facts and use-by dates are clearly visible. When used consistently and effectively however, wineglass labels can offer retailers far more. What are wineglass labels? Wineglass labels are the small labels that are usually attached to netted food bags in supermarkets. However, they can have many other uses too – there are some examples of wineglass labels here. Here are three innovative ways to get the most out of wineglass labels.

Brand Recognition

When it comes to brand recognition, consistency is key. The most recognisable brands display more than just an image; they visually express the values of their organisation. If you want your company to be portrayed as cheap and cheerful, its branding should reflect this.

In the same light, if you want your company to be known as a retailer of high-quality items, this should be expressed in its branding.

Most organisations miss a trick when it comes to wineglass labels, which are often dull, boring and offer little more than a barcode and some basic information. When attached to items which lack packaging, wineglass labels in fact offer a way to link your products to your brand – maintaining brand consistency, as well displaying basic product information.

For wineglass labels to be used as an effective tool for brand recognition, their design should be consistent with your branding elsewhere, with logos present and content written in the standard company font. Colours should accurately represent the type of product that is being displayed, with fruit and veg often associated with lighter colours, green in particular. Images can also brighten up a product’s packaging and can be used to reinforce your brand’s values.

Online Integration

In today’s hyper-connected world, the online marketplace is just as important as the brick-and-mortar store.

Creating a seamlessly integrated retail experience is key to retaining customers, online and off. Wineglass labels offer a simple and visible way to link the physical retail experience with the experience of online shopping. For instance, they can be used to notify shoppers of the availability of online shopping and inform them of delivery services, if such services are offered.

To create a truly integrated shopper experience, consider printing QR codes on wineglass labels. The possibilities of QR codes are endless. From links to online deals, to giving customers more detailed nutritional information online; you can use QR codes in innovative ways to make the retail experience easier for users, generating customer loyalty.

Promotions And Competitions

Promotions and competitions are well known to catch the eye of the money-savvy consumer. After all, who doesn’t love a bargain or the chance to win a prize?

Wineglass labels can often be printed on both sides, and although this once again applies more to those items which lack packaging, they give retailers room to shout about their offerings.

Labels can be made collectable – rewarding shoppers for their affinity in a loyalty card style system, can advertise an online competition, or can simply be used to inform customers of any savings they can make with their purchase. Make sure that your promotional marketing is relevant to your brand and be sure to use consistent colours and imagery on both sides of the wineglass label.

Stay Ahead Of The Competition

When used effectively, wineglass labels can be a great marketing tool. They can complement your branding, connect your customers to the online marketplace and publicise your promotions without the need for excess packaging.

Don’t miss the trick of wineglass labels – keep them consistent with your branding and get creative to stay ahead of the competition.

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Innovative Uses For Wineglass Labels, Seekyt
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