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Inspirational Angel Quotes from Angels of Grace

The following short collection of angel quotes has been collected from the book Angels of Grace written by Anselm Grün, a Benedictine monk and spiritual guide, who described 50 angels in a Christian context.

Angel Quotes # 1-5:

‘The Angel of Passion challenges us to live with all our heart, not just to exist on a low burner. The Angel of Passion should teach us the art of deploying our driving forces to make them forces for life. The passions should serve us, rather than us serving them.’

‘The Angel of Truthfulness wants to keep opening your eyes to your true reality. Perhaps you are wearing dark glasses, which falsify everything. You only see the negative side. Or, perhaps you are wearing rose-tinted spectacles.’

‘The Angel of Gratitude would like to teach you to look everything with new eyes, grateful eyes. Then you can be thankful for the new day, that you have your health and can get up and see the sun rise.’

‘The Angel of Risk should give you the strength and freedom to dare to make mistakes, to open up new ways for yourself and humanity.’

‘The confident believe an angel looks after them, so that nothing bad can harm them. They do not walk blindly through the world. They see when danger looms. They know they are protected and supported.’

Angel Quotes # 6-10:

‘May the Angel of Patience make you able to wait. This is not an obvious quality today. We always want a solution at once, but often it takes a long time for a flower to bloom.’

‘The artists understood something of the angels’ lightness, which is offered to us to lighten the heaviness of our life and gives us lightness of being.’

‘The Angel of Forgiveness breaks the vicious circle of recrimination. It clears the air and makes it possible for us who are constantly hurt and constantly hurting other people nevertheless to live together as human beings.’

‘May the Angel of Parting help you to say goodbye to your past and your old life patterns, so that you can live completely in the present, realize your potential, and let new unimagined things grow in you.’

‘The Angel of Mourning wants to protect you from going through life with clipped wings. It would like to give you new wings, so that you can fly into the air and look down from above on your failures.’

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Angel Quotes # 11-15:

‘Angels come in different shapes. They possess the art of transformation. They may change themselves into a human being to accompany us on the way.’

‘Tenderness is not just the way two people treat each other when they are in love. May the Angel of Tenderness introduce you to the art of treating people tenderly and delicately, and not only people, but everything you deal with. Ultimately in everything we touch, we touch the creator.’

‘Children devote themselves to a game with total dedication. The artists of the baroque period often represented angels as children, playing with total dedication. May the Angel of Devotion teach you the art of dedicating yourself to your work, to the people you love and to him who is Love itself. Devotion will richly reward you. It will lead you to freedom and to a fathomless trust that your life will be good.’

‘If you go to a silent place, it can happen that you take all the noise of your world with you. You discover what is going on in the depths of your heart. The Angel of Retreat is with you, revealing a new horizon to your future life.’

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‘Though I did not thank or greet you,

Angel, now escort me home.

Through the dark and dismal street, you

Angel, snatch me out of time.’ (from a poem by Werner Bergengruen)

Angel Quotes # 16-20

‘If you are proud of your spiritual life and set yourself above others, who give way to their moods and instincts, you have not yet come face to face with the truth about yourself. May the Angel of Humility give you the courage to accept and love yourself in your own earthiness and humanity.’

‘Compassionate people are those who have a heart for the poor, the orphaned, the unfortunate, the lonely. But before they can have a heart for the poor, they must first have a heart for what is poor and unhappy in themselves. The Angel in you will rejoice over the compassion that dwells in your heart.’

‘Angels come soft-footed. You need to be very quiet in order to perceive them.’

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