Buying Tips Radiant Heated Bathroom Floors


Many homeowners choose radiant heated flooring for their bathroom over cold tile floor because it is an economical way to provide comfortable heat to the space. Radiant heated floors are steam pipes that are filled with hot water from your water heater. Electric coils are then used to heat the floors. The radiant heated floors will allow you and your family to step out of the shower into a warm bathroom and this will make taking a shower in the winter more inviting.

Choosing Flooring:

Before you choose your bathroom flooring look at the variety of products that are available for the consumer; Pergo laminated, ceramic, porcelain, stone, marble, granite and slate floors make good choices for bathroom radiant heated floors because they are great conductors of heat.

Know What you Need for Bathroom Remodel


1. Make a list of home improvement stores in your area and then list the type of flooring that you like.

2. Measure your bathroom for the remodel and take a journal with you when you shop.

3. Jot down your likes and dislikes about the hard floor surface and costs for floor heating supplies.


Go over your notes before you choose the floor for your bathroom. While you are shopping for flooring for your bathroom take into consideration the following.

1. What is your budget for heating the floors in your bathroom? You will want to remodel you bathroom floors with a radiant flooring system that you can afford.

hammer-586531_6402. Will you be installing the radiant heated bathroom flooring yourself or will you need to hire a contractor? When you do the bathroom remodel yourself the overall costs will be a lot less than hiring someone to do the work. You may be able to upgrade the flooring material if you do the installation yourself.

3. Before you buy heated flooring supplies check your local building codes. Since heated floors are a way to conserve energy you may get a rebate on your flooring. This rebate may help you with the initial costs of your heated flooring system.

4. Choose the flooring color and style that complements your home décor and also appeals to your needs. Heated flooring is a onetime installation and it is wise to choose a product that you will not grow tired of.

5. For new homes consider installing stained concrete floors with the radiant heat coils. The heated coils will warm the concrete.


When you remodel your bathroom with heated floors you will notice that there is no more dust in the air. Unlike forced air from a furnace that is a carrier for dust and germs, radiant heated floors are a healthier for you and your family.