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Installation tips for timber gates in Galway

Although installing timber gates in Galway does not have to be a complex process, in some instances, the input of an expert would be called for. This is because when installing timber gates, there are many aspects that have to be called into question. First of all, one has to calculate the overall width including the ironmongery that enables gates to be used effectively in future. Therefore, to start with, the measurements have to be taken as accurately as possible and if any allowances are given, they should not make the actual process of installing the gate too much of a complication.

Timber appearance

Other than the measurements, when installing a timber gate, it is also important to factor in the issue of timber appearance. Essentially, field gates are available in three main types. These are treated softwood, Iroko hardwood and Oak hardwood. Softwood gates are the most common in Galway but there are some instances where other types of wood are also used.

It is important to understand that all types of timber tend to change their appearance when they are exposed to elements in the environment. If they are affected badly, the appearance of the timber can turn and get worse with time. In order to ensure that this does not happen, initial treatments are suggested before commencing the installation process. It is always good to have a gate that looks stunning for a long period of time.

Gate posts

When installing timber gates in Galway, the gate posts are also factors that have to be brought into the picture. In most cases, gate posts are usually 2.1m long. This height is sufficient for hanging most types of field gates in instances where there is a reasonably level ground. If there happens to be fall across the width of the gate, that might mean a much longer post will be ordered to cater for the low side and be able to obtain a sufficient post length to attach and stay in the ground.

Gate posts can be varied so as to suit the specific size of the gate that is being hung. There are some lengths that are sufficient for hanging all types of timber gates whereas others have to be customized so as to suit the specific type of gate that one has to install. It is normal to also use hanging posts for those gates which are very wide or are located in places where the ground is not very even.

Latches and locking

There are several latches that are available when installing timber gates. Each of them depends on how the gate is situated to the latching post. The different sets are self closing, spring and central mortice latching. In choosing the right mode of latching for the timber gate one has to install, it is always advisable to seek the help of an expert. Experts know well how these types of gates lock and open and thus they can propose the most ideal solutions.

Lastly, treatment for timber gates is mandatory especially in cases where the gates are installed out there in the fields. Softwood gates come treated but it is also advisable to treat them again using a suitable treatment after the installation process is complete. Hardwood gates also need to be treated for them to remain effective over a long period of time. Treatment in this case serves to provide the necessary protection against harmful natural elements. If you live in Galway and need to learn more about timber gates, the experts at Grogan Timber Products can offer the best inspiration.

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