News Installing Engineered Bamboo Flooring for Your House

Installing Engineered Bamboo Flooring for Your House


Engineered Bamboo flooring is a combination of bamboo and hardwood to form a very stable floor. Engineered bamboo flooring is a brilliant idea for homes as it has aesthetical features besides forming durable flooring. It works perfectly well almost on all floor application such as concrete, plywood and radiant to name but a few.

Installing engineered bamboo flooring

Initially, engineered bamboo flooring was made for nail-down, staple down and glue down installation. The introduction of click together systems replaced the initial installation method. This manufacturing trend has made the manufacturers themselves to produce engineering bamboo flooring specifically for floated installation using the joining methods.

Floated installation is less costly as the expense of buying nails, staples and adhesive or equipment is avoided. Another great advantage is the flooring flexibility to adapting erratic whether conditions. Wood items tend to absorb as well as release moisture. This is why fixed installation is not done as it might not last for long because of harsh humid conditions to the wood. Highs humid environment can make the flooring expand while low humid surroundings will make it appear shrunk and there after get separated. The solution to this problem is floated installation systems, which makes the engineered bamboo flooring withstand changing harsh weather conditions.

Follow pre-installation recommendations

Flooring manufacturing companies always lay down instructions on how the flooring will be installed. Ignoring these instructions could cost you a lot. Your warranty claim will not even be possible if you fail to observe the manufacturers recommendations. The following shows how you can install engineered bamboo flooring on concrete slabs and a sub-floor.

What you should know before floating the engineered flooring over Concrete slab

Before floating the engineered bamboo flooring over concrete, you have first to prepare the slab. Ensure the concrete slab is clean, dry and flat. It’s even recommended that a moisture test should be done to make sure that the floor is completely free of moisture. When doing this, remember to follow exactly what he manufacturer says about the moisture content testing. Many manufactures insist on putting an obstacle over the slab to prevent moisture.

Sub- flooring precautions

Another reason why floated installation is considered the best is it’s the fact that the engineered bamboo flooring does not have to be put on just a specific flooring material. The flooring can be done on nearly all flooring surfaces. Before you start the installation, carpets or other felt coverings must be removed first. Just like the concrete slabs, the sub floors are required to be flat, free from moisture and clean. Another important thing to remember before you install the flooring is covering the sub flooring with an underlayment which is meant to prevent moisture, minimize sound as well as act as cushion for the next flooring.

Flooring acclimation

Engineered bamboo flooring manufacturers’ advice acclamation of the material in the installation room for a period of two to three days, leaving the boxes closed. Also, the temperature should be kept at room temperature. If you encounter any difficulties when installing engineered bamboo flooring, refer to the manufacturers guide for instructions.

Installing Engineered Bamboo Flooring for Your House
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