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Installing Mirror Tiles and Cork Tiles

Cork wall tiles are extremely useful and can be used in lots of different interesting ways. Mirror wall tiles are also incredibly versatile and cost a lot less than the real thing, and they are a lot easier to install than ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles.

If you’re looking for long lasting quality then you’re unlikely to get that with a standard mirror tile, so for long term investment we would always recommend plate-glass mirror wall tiles. However, if you want a quick fix that brings some interest and light into your home, mirror wall tiles and cork wall tiles will work well.

Before you do anything…

To prepare your mirror or cork tile installation you will need to plan ahead. Follow these points for exceptional planning:

? Buy the mirror or cork after you have measured the area you are fitting the tiles to so you know you’re purchasing enough wall tiles for the job
? Measure the area you’re fitting the wall tiles to and plan the pattern the wall tiles are going in so you can ensure the minimum amount of material is wasted when you begin cutting
? Think about how many tiles you will need, then add some extra for the areas that involve cut tiles
? Check if the tiles come with the correct adhesive strips, if they don’t you’ll need to buy some strong double-sided tape suitable for the job

Preparing the wall

You’ll need to prepare the wall for installation otherwise the tiles may simply fall off in time. First check that the wall is clean, dry and completely flat. Any rough paper or degraded paint will need to be dealt with. Where possible sand any rough surfaces down.
Place a tile in the bottom corner of the wall and chalk where it is so you can see if it’s level, if it isn’t place the tile slightly above where the border isn’t level to avoid having to cut the tiles in an odd shape.


Start with the lowest tile or the tile that will be going in the corner. If the tile has adhesive pads then peel those off and carefully press the tile in place, applying pressure for around 60 seconds per tile. If you’re using double-sided tape then ensure you have put a large piece of the tape on the back of the tile in each corner and follow the same process of applying the tile and then applying pressure to it for at least 60 seconds.

Cutting your tiles

Cork tiles are easy to cut. All you need to do is mark the line where you want to cut (with chalk) and cut along it with a stanley knife or with scissors if the tile is really thin. Mirror tiles need a little more care taken over cutting them. Ensure you lay the tiles down on some paper and wear the appropriate facial protection equipment. Score each tile where you want to cut it (a tile scribe will not work for this job as you need a cutter that scores glass). Once you have cut the glass you should be able to turn the tile over and snap it where it has been cut.

To complete the job

Because you haven’t used any grout or mortar all you need to do is press down on all the tiles to ensure they have stuck properly to the wall.

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