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Intelligent Methods to Reduce Home Food Waste

Intelligent methods to cut back Your Home Food Refuse

Occasionally it appears as if we cast out more food than we consume. Although that likely isn’t truthful, the ordinary home does squander a lot of food. Here are a few thoughts for bringing down your home food waste.


When you are still disposing the remaining food when you compost, you are reprocessing it into a valuable content that can be employed to develop more food (or anything else you like) in the garden. Only compost food that has no extra function and can’t be reprocessed in the kitchen any longer.

Littler helpings

It’s intriguing to observe that reports have indicated that the size of the dish causes a difference in the quantity we eat. More modest plates mean more modest helpings, and although coming back for seconds is not forbidden, it still holds truthful that more modest plates result in little food being ingested at a meal. So bring out out the ‘salad plates’ and other smaller saucers, and cook and serve up tinier portions.

Bigger helpings

Yea, this is the contrary of humbler helpings, but expanding the quantity of food you prepare in one sitting in the kitchen can really help reduce waste. If you double a recipe, for instance, you pass the equivalent quantity of time and energy in the kitchen as you would for the typical recipe, but you have double the food. You will be able to then freeze the other half and have a later meal ready in little time (and squandering less energy on oven use).

Plan Meals and Make a Shopping List

Every week, design out your meals and shop consequently. That doesn’t mean you have to decline impulsive bargains that you find (you will be able to always freeze those!), but it does mean that you have a universal plan of what you are going to be consuming that week and the required elements. This helps bring down waste because you are not purchasing impulsively, occupying your fridge and pantry with food items you may never use.

Creative Use of Leftovers

There are so many neat uses for leftovers – get imaginative! Here are a few hints:

* Cold mashed potatoes can be used in breads, to create potato pancakes, or to top a Shepherd’s Pie.
* Ripening celery, carrots and/or onions (and even apples) can be used to make vegetable stock.
* Leftover fruit salad, canned or fresh, be strained and drunk as a fruit smoothie or frozen into popsicles.
* Make breadcrumbs from stale bread and freeze them.
* Citrus peals can be simmered in sugar syrup and candied.
* Leftover steamed vegetables can be mixed with rice or noodles, topped with cheese, and baked as a casserole.

Good Containers

Invest in a good set of glass storage containers with tight-fitting lids. These will preserve your food better than haphazard containers covered with plastic wrap. Be sure to label all containers with the content and date.

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