Interesting Factoids About Canadian Diamonds That Make Them Unique

When most people think about diamonds, the great nation of Canada rarely crosses their minds. Many people presume that most diamonds come from South Africa or from areas of the former Soviet Union. It was none other than Jacques Cartie in the early 1542 who brought embarrassment to this industry that would haunt it for a few hundred years, when he sent what he assumed were diamonds back to France only to be informed later that they were merely quartz. The French response was astute, “Faux comme un diamant du Canada” – which translates into: “As false as a Canadian diamond.” Today, however, much has changed since the discovery of vast diamond orchards in and around Canada that have literally made it quickly rise to contention with the world’s largest of diamond producers.

The most shocking element

of this is that in the short period of just two decades, the four diamond mines that have been discovered in Canada have actually enabled this nation to become one of the world’s top diamond producers. Since many diamonds from Africa are being shunned by dealers due to the conflict status that these blood diamonds have, the Canadian diamonds have actually increased in value as conflict-free and domestically harvested diamonds. While Russia and Botswana are the number one and number two producers of diamonds internationally, Canada fits in firmly at the third place position.

Canadian Diamonds for sale

Ontario hosts a large diamond mine and the three others are hosted in the Northwest Territory. In 2011, the Ontario mine produced an estimated 11 million carats valued at more than $2.5 billion dollars (USD). More than 8,000 people are employed in the growing diamond industry in Canada, which has also created a specialty jewelry industry for the nation that is becoming quickly famous for its high quality diamonds. While Canada only produces about 15 percent of the world’s diamonds, newer mines are being opened in and around the nation that could increase this amount to 20 percent in the near future.

What really makes Canadian diamonds

so sought after and so expensive is that they are regulated by the most stringent of mining conditions set forth and regulated by the Canadian Diamond Council. The diamonds are not only conflict-free (obviously) but miners must adhere to very strict laws that are considered to be the most environmentally friendly in the world. This in turn makes it costlier to mine the diamonds and also attaches an added sentimental value to them for the consumer. The diamonds are specifically engraved with unique numbers that are used to track and identify them as per the outlines in the Diamond Code of Conduct. This allows jewelers to know that they are purchasing authentic Canadian diamonds merely by referencing the diamond’s serial number, engraved onto the stone itself.

As you can see, Canadian diamonds are quite different than most other diamonds that you will find elsewhere. Sure, they cost a bit more because they are friendly to our environment and are not procured as the result of conflict. One might say they are the most ethical and highest quality diamonds ever mined in the history of mankind. And that’s a really good thing.