Interesting Facts About Ming Porcelain You May Not Know

What is Ming Porcelain?

The History

In order to understand and appreciate Ming porcelain, it’s good to know a bit of history about this interesting, high quality ceramic product. For a period of almost 300 years, the ruling dynasty of China was called the Empire of the Great Ming. It was supposed to be a time when the government seemed very orderly. They used a lot of their porcelain to exchange gifts across foreign nations to keep good relations going strong. This was no laughing matter, they took it very seriously. The Ming court gave 19,000 ceramic items to Siam, which today is known as Thailand. During the Ming Dynasty, it grew into a very innovative ceramic production period. They designed so many new designs and shapes. They also became more open minded to a lot of foreign designs. Dragons and phoenix’s sported a lot of their work and there are many reproductions out but the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has originals from the Mind Dynasty on display.

Facts You May Not Know About Ming Porcelain

  • The word Ming means brightness. It was chosen because the Emperor of the period decided that they were done with the dark period that preceded before.
  • The vases that were created during this time period were very valued all over the world. The blue and white vases that were made from porcelain are still quite valuable today.
  • Wealthy Europeans bought the porcelain more than anyone during this time period, especially like the vases above.

Where Can You Get Some Ming Porcelain?

It is doubtful you will find the real vases described above unless you go to a museum but you can get reproductions and even on there are dozens of beautiful pieces of pottery you can purchase at great prices.


Above is a classic Oriental planter pot in blue and white, which was a prevailing motif from oriental times. The vine andMflower were a popular crafted item from the Ming dynasty period. These are sold on Amazon and are a fraction of the price at a little over $100.

I love the design of the lamp below. Of course during the Ming dynasty they didn’t have electric but if they did, they would’ve produced a beautiful product like this one:


Adding a fruit or serving bowl to your collection can be very easy. Just take a look at this one:


Check out the gorgeous design! Now I can’t end this article without a photo of the teapot with dragon art:


The dragon is one of the most popular and familiar designs that many people can relate to. If you like this type of pottery then go to Amazon and pick out a favorite piece to add to your collection.

Want to see a beautiful classic dragon vase? Oh what a beautiful piece:

You’ll fall out of your chair when you hear how much this piece went for at auction:

I hope you enjoyed these facts about Ming Porcelain.