Interesting Facts About Squirrel Monkeys – Everything You Need To Know

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Interesting Facts About Squirrel Monkeys

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Squirrel monkeys are one of the unique beautiful monkey breeds that many people are considering keeping as pets at home. Their jungle behaviors can be very amusing which is one of the reasons why quite a number of people are going for them, but since they still have wild instincts, a little more knowledge about them will be integral for anyone wishing to take them for pets so that you are aware of the responsibilities that will be on your shoulders when keeping one.


Squirrel Monkeys often eat flowers, fruits, insects and sometimes they can also feed on tree frogs. However it is important that you keep in mind they can eat basically anything that can pass through their mouths so you may find them wrecking havoc on your fridge if you do not take good care of them. As a result one may be forced to enclose them in a large cage of some kind to control their movements and ensure they are where you want them to be.

Behavior and Care

Squirrel monkeys are naturally very social creatures and normally are found in troops of 20-30 or more monkeys. In the forests they like to move around hence do not stay in one location for a long time. For this reason, keeping them at home may be a little bit of a challenge because they are not used to being in one place. Additionally keeping one may not be possible or will spark wildly behaviors from the animal for they are accustomed to staying in groups meaning you may be forced to keep at least two.

Squirrel monkeys are highly territorial often marking their territories by urinating on their feet and walking on the land they claim as their own. This gesture is usually meant to drive other squirrel monkeys that may have migrated on their land away to find their own unmarked territories to claim. Animal experts still believe that they may do this at home when kept as pets for it is one of their natural behaviors that human beings may have no control over.

While from face view squirrel monkeys may seem very timid creatures that can be easy to live with, on the contrary they are more used to the wild environment of forests and may need a lot of experience, patience and tact to be trained to stay at home as pets. Also they are known to be bullies of some kind, being totally disrespectful and even dangerous to small children than to adults.

Reproduction and Breeding

Squirrel monkeys mostly breed during the cold season and one of the signs that breeding period is coming will be an extraordinary gain in weight of the male monkey which is attributed to an increase in spermatozoa. Both male and female squirrel monkeys are known to expose their genitalia symbolizing their dominance over other members of the troop.

Females for instance have an elongated clitoris which almost looks like a penis called the ‘Pseudo Penis’. Mature females will expose it to show their dominance over younger females and only the mature ones can mate with mature males during breeding. After a younger squirrel monkey has been born, the female takes the most care of the newly born than the males and the young monkey will remain under the care of his/her mother for a period of about 5-10 weeks before being considered an adult and left to fend for its own.

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