Interesting Facts About Swimming

fun swimming pool factsThe first swimming pool were made of bricks and sealed with tar and were designed by the ancient Romans.

According to statistics, about 18% of adults and 41% of children (7 to 17 years old) go swimming in the U.S. during an average year.

American spend a total of about 195 billion gallons of water to fill all their pools.

Niagara falls can fill all U.S. swimming pools in just 3 days.

Benjamin Franklin invented swim-fins.

Swimming has been in the Olympics since 1896.

Swimming works out all of your body’s major muscles.

Peanuts are a source of energy for swimmers.

Swimming strengthens the heart and lungs.

The shorter our hair is the more chance we have for swimming faster.

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Swimming help reduce stress.

Over 50% of all world-class swimmers suffer from shoulder pain.

Avoid swimming right after you eat so that you wont get a cramp. This is because our body is digesting the food, allow it to rest for about an hour after eating and then you can go into the water.

Swimming burns off more calories than biking or walking.

Swimming can stimulate our entire body, it could lead to an increase in metabolism over time. Therefore swimming is a good way to lose weight.

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Since swimming is considered to be low impact, therefore it is a very safe form of exercise especially for your bones and joints. This exercise is also recommended for those who have arthritis or other types of physical limitations.

Swimming in extremely cold water can be very dangerous especially for elderly people and those with heart conditions or other aiments. Cold water cools down our body 25 times faster that cold air does. This is why swimming in water that is below 15 degrees Celsius can lead to hypothermia, thermal shock, and eventual death.

Every hour sun evaporates about 13 million gallons of water from all US swimming pools.

Water pumps circulate water around the pool so that the water does not become stagnant.

Chlorine and disinfectants are added to the water in the swimming pools in order to clean it. These disinfectants will increase the pH value of the water in the pool.

A higher pH value in the water can increase the risk of eczema and rashes. So people will be more susceptible to these kind of ailments if they stay in the swimming pool for a longer duration.

Traditional swimming pool designs are circular, rectangular and kidney shaped, while you can also find many pools that are equipped with stairs, diving boards, water jets and attached spas.

According to the basic principles of feng shui swimming pool, kidney shaped is the most auspicious shape for your home swimming pool.

When they discharge the water from the swimming pool, it either is mixed with the river water or nearby water resource or is absorbed by the earth. This can cause serious health hazards for the people and the marine life.