Interesting Things to Collect

Hobbyists are routinely searching for new and interesting things to collect. If you are trying to find the most interesting collections, peruse this quick list for ideas.

1. Happy Meal Toys
McDonalds has been putting toys in Happy Meals for decades. The Happy Meal toys today are much less valuable to collectors but many seek the older toys that McDonalds used. This is one of those interesting things to collect that people really get into. Some intense hobbyists possess collections in the hundreds. Others focus only on certain Happy Meal toys. The old food transformer variety is popular and not too pricey, for example. If you are looking for an interesting thing to collect that is affordable and easy to relate to, consider collecting Happy Meal toys. Hobbyists also collect Smurf figurines.

2. Snow Globes
Snow globes make the list of interesting things to collect because they have never been as popular as other collectibles but they are still manufactured. Most snow globes commemorate travel and can be found in souvenir shops at vacation destinations. Probably the most popular genre of snow globes is Disney. Disney has made hundreds of different snow globes, many composed of glass (not plastic) and cast iron or porcelain. If you are seeking more valuable snow globes, check out those made by (or licensed by) Disney.

3. Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum cleaners are one of the most interesting things to collect. Most don’t believe that people actually collect them but there are massive collections. A quick internet search will reveal images of vacuum cleaner collections comprised of hundreds of machines. Some hobbyists even target vacuums made by foreign companies. Since most models were mass produced, samples can be found for cheap. But since they were typically handled roughly, models in mint condition fetch a premium. If you want your hobby to stand out, consider vacuum cleaners as one of your interesting things to collect.

4. Old Photographs
It may seem odd that people collect images of random strangers but it’s true. Due to the kitsch value of hanging these antiquated images in your home, popularity for the hobby has risen. There really is no way to replicate some of these photos manually since the film was the image itself (like Polaroids). Collectors seek out these items mainly online and at antique stores or flea markets. If you need more ideas, search for a complete list of things to collect.

5. Antique Maps
Like old photographs, people enjoy hanging framed old maps in their home. Travelers will often locate old maps from places they’ve been and frame them as a reminder of their journey. Antique maps made the list of interesting things to collect because it is a hobby on the cusp of widespread acceptance and still it isn’t all too common to run into collectors. Antique maps also feature routes, buildings and streets that no longer exist.

If you are searching for some interesting things to collect, consider the items outlined above.