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Interior Decorating Ideas for White Christmas Home


When it comes to decorating for the Christmas season many people choose the classic white theme for the living areas of their home. The white décor theme symbolizes a winter forest that is covered with snow. It is a peaceful and natural setting which lends for a calm and cozy room.

Before you begin to decorate your home with a white theme you will need to decide which rooms will feature the Christmas decorations. When you decide on the rooms it is best to clear the rooms of all past season accessories and decorations. Pack the past season, décor items in storage containers. Store storage bins in basement or garage. When you have a cleared room you will be able to visualize where the white and evergreen decorations will go.

Inventory you’re your home for silver, gold, glass or crystal candlesticks, votive candle holders, vases, prisms, snowflakes, ornaments, ribbon, tree skirt, table runners, white floral arrangements, white damask tablecloths, napkins, plate chargers and pine cones. Set your inventory on a large table and organize according to category. Decide if you will be using fresh balsam greenery for Christmas tree, wreaths, swags and garland or if you prefer artificial.

Take photographs of the rooms that will feature the white Christmas decorations. Print the picture onto a blank piece of paper. List next to the photo what decoration will coordinate with the room. By doing this you will be able to determine exactly what you need to purchase to complete your white Christmas theme

child-577010_640Decorate your living room by draping a pr-lit balsam garland on your fireplace mantle. Fill three apothecary jars with silver ornaments and feature them on top of the mantle. Accent the jars with frosted votive candle holders with tea lights. Drape crystal like garland over the balsam garland this garland will reflect the light and will make the mantel sparkle. Add a balsam centerpiece to your dining table to pull the white Christmas theme together.

Clear the coffee table and then cover the table with a damask tablecloth. If the tablecloth is too long gather sides and tie with a decorative silver or gold rope a tassel. Set a gold or silver serving tray in the center of the table.

decoration-314695_640Then arrange an assortment of sizes; large medium, small and white candles with clear glass or crystal holders on top of the tray. Accent this arrangement with silver ornaments and sprigs of balsam from your tree. Add touches of crystal prisms to the coffee table as this will make the display sparkle. You can also add a few gold or silver wrapped presents, set them off to the side.

Buy sofa covers and chair covers that will compliment the winter theme, accent the sofa with contrasting color scheme you may want to incorporate toss pillow that will coordinate with the white Christmas theme.


christmas-214228_640 Decorate your Christmas tree with ornaments of crystal, glass, silver and ice blue. Also add touches acrylic snowflakes. Be creative by adding white feathers, silver plumes, white pine cones that are dusted with silver glitter or festive metallic ribbon. Complete the tree with a winter white themed skit so that the tree looks like snow.











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