Interlocking Exercise Mat

Looking for an interlocking exercise mat? Well there are a lot of different varieties to choose from. We’ll break down some of the different options so you can make an informed decision.

Multipurpose Mats
These mats are made to be useful for several different purposes beyond just exercise. They are often firmer than the mats just for exercising are as they can also be used for workshops, garages, tradeshows and even RC race tracks. A good example of this type of mat is the Gray 24 Sq. Ft Pack Foam Interlocking Mat.

Kids Mats
There are a number of mats that have designs and colors that make them great for kid’s rooms or play areas. They are usually designed to be washable which makes them good for exercise uses. The 36 Sq Ft. Alphabet and Number Floor Mat is a good example of this type of mat.

Equipment Mats
There are also mats which are meant to go under treadmills and other heavy equipment. Due to their heavy duty construction they will obviously hold up well to exercise uses and could be right for high intensity callisthenic type workouts with lots of sharp cuts in tennis shoes, etc. An example of this type of mat are these Thick Interlocking Foam Tiles.

Extra Thick Mats
These mats are great for gymnastics or other exercise activities where a little extra cushion is ideal. They’re usually sold in larger individual panels to make them easier to move into position for training. The Sportime TEchnoMat-2 is a good example of this type of mat.

Sport Floor
This is one of the densest options that is really meant for a sport court type of application like a volleyball or tennis court. They are very sturdy, but do not provide much cushion compared to other types. These are usually laid down over a cement floor. The Norsk-Stor PVC Sport Floor is a good example of this type.

Depending on your needs, any of these may work well for what you want it for. Just be sure to consider all of the uses you anticipate for the mat so that you get the appropriate interlocking exercise mat.