International Students Benefit with Ingwe Health

As a part of the Momentum Health stable, Ingwe Health are a subsidiary of a company in the top 10 performers on the JSE – the FirstRand group.

As well as being part of the FirstRand group, Ingwe Health have a Global Credit Rating of A+, making them a clearly financially sound company.

Endorsed by the Education Association of South Africa, Ingwe Health combines their low monthly premiums with an exciting loyalty programme and special student benefits to make an all-round attractive medical aid solution for foreign students. Operating in 150 academic institutions across South Africa, Ingwe Medical Aid has a base of over 15,000 students from around 80 countries.

Special Student Benefits

Aside from health and hospital related benefits, members of Ingwe Health receive benefits from the ‘Go Health’ benefits programme. These benefits include movie ticket discounts, prepaid airtime, computer software and hardware, gym membership discounts and travel discounts.

Another benefit unique to the Ingwe Health medical aid scheme is the digital membership card, known as the ‘Mobicard’. This innovation provides access to emergency numbers, details relating to claims, as well as much more information that is available directly from the user’s cell phone.

Aside from the student-specific benefits, Ingwe Health members also receive access to a toll-free 24/7 medical advice line, as well as unlimited access to South Africa’s Netcare 911 medical emergency services.

Pick the Plan that Suits You Best

With Ingwe Health, you can pick one of two tailor made medical aid plans: The Student, and the Student Access.

The Student plan provides chronic cover for up to 26 PMB’s (prescribed minimum benefits) and limited in-hospital benefits at 100% of the medical scheme rate. Limited cover is also provided for prescribed PMB’s with service providers in the network.

The Student Access plan provides unlimited hospitalisation benefits at a hospital of your choice, at 100% of the medical scheme rate. Also provided in the Student Access plan is access to GP’s, specialists, and unlimited assistance from radiologists and pathologists, as well as the same PMB cover provided by the Student plan: chronic cover for 26 PMB, as well as limited PMB cover with network providers.

Visit IFC for Quotes and Comparisons on Ingwe Health

Ingwe is one of many medical aid providers who are listed on the IFC website, On the website, IFC have provided some helpful tools to help make the often frustrating process of choosing a medical aid far easier.

You can compare any two medical aid quotes side-by-side, in order to easily establish which one would suit your needs best. You can also request a quote, free of charge, from Ingwe Health or any of the other providers listed on the website.