Internet Security And Privacy Issues

I’ve heard of hacking, scam and all the different forms of atrocities on the internet. I never thought and imagined my website will be hacked by hackers. Hacking isn’t a new thing, it’s done daily to innocent, vulnerable souls in the virtual world. The virtual world is similar to the globe which holds dangers that we must defend ourselves against.

The question is, should our privacy and security be compromised on the web? People like me have lost cash and identity to hackers. Should we be proactive? Yes, I think it’s better to get people educated than remain ignorant of the security and privacy issues we’re facing. Our priority is to make a bold decision on this issue.

The bad guys are spying on our privacy and working so hard to hack into our personal data. I think some computer users understand what’s happening and don’t like it while others don’t care about what’s going on.

I think more is needed on cyber criminals than the government agencies like (NSA) who know everything about the internet users, what they like, which websites they visit and use and the personal information they have given out online. Internet users need intense awareness of privacy invasion.
As an internet user,I’m very careful of the sites I visit and trust with my personal data. occasionally, I feel reluctant to show my true personal details because I believe they might use it against me in the future. It’s very easy for somebody to spy on you on the web especially if you haven’t taken steps to protect yourself.
All isn’t easy and straightforward because those that do the spying have dedicated plenty of cash towards developing resources that let them to spy with ease. Being a lot more conscious of your on-line activity may simply be a decent step to protecting your privacy.

Where to start
There are many ways by which people can be proactive and secure their privacy against the invasive efforts of the bad guys and governmental entities. The first step is to accept the truth that our privacy is being violated on the web.

The main purpose of security is to deter criminals and no security is one hundred per cent. It’s wise to create passwords that’s difficult and not easy for the bad guys to guess. Avoid using the same password in all the sites you visit because those waiting to steal your password and identity can infect your computer with viruses.

Microsoft listens to our Skype conversations and if you don’t want them to, you can opt for Silent Circle and DuckDuckGo as alternatives instead of Google.
Security answers

Scrutinize your security answers. Don’t set them as your mother’s surname, your place of birth, your name, etc. If any of your loved ones can discover your security answers, change it and make it more difficult. Your best or close friend can simply pull your information from the social media and use it to use your personal account through ”Forgot my password” procedures. They can reset your account and lock you out. Even a complete alien can put piece and piece of your information together depending on how simple and easy are your password and security questions.

There is no perfect defence mechanism against on-line spying but you can buy internet suveillance spy softwares to cut the risks and defend yourselves to the best of your ability. Once we take the necessary precautionary steps which are not that difficult, we become more empowered and things won’t be tough . Today, many organisations covet our personal data and it’s trendy to share our privacy lightly. Those who value their privacy and don’t wish to share the main points of their personal lives are perceived as paranoid. If others are exposing their privacy,I suggest do not follow the crowd to do wrong”.