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Internet Security: Are You Also Following the Right Sense of Web Safety?

If you are using the Internet, then you must be concerned about your internet security. These days so much is being published about online security, that users often get confused about the real framework within which the Internet security system performs. As a result, many users end up following such security protocols that are in reality nothing but a few online security myths. So are you also following the wrong sense of web safety? The article debunks the three very popular web security lies and explains what you can do to avail optimal online safety.

You will get surprised, but people are following web security myths believing these to be essential for overcoming internet security issues. The over breeding of false web safety notions is a result of people’s growing consciousness about web safety and as a result they have started believing in all types of myths. Three popular online security myths are as follows:

1. Myth: Presence of Lock Icon Confirms That the Site is Safe

Debunking: Users consider that the presence of an illuminated lock icon in the browser bar of a website confirms that the site is secured. You must have observed the lock icon on visiting banking sites, e-commerce site, social networks, etc. The illuminated lock icon in the browser bar is the symbol to confirm that you are using a legitimate and secured website.

However, that is not totally false but not fully true also. The presence of the lock icon only signifies that your computer is connecting to the site’s server over a secure connection. But there are also incidents where hackers try to cheat through fake SSL certificate and by posting some fake padlock icon. Thus, just because you see an illuminated padlock icon, don’t drive assurance that a website is completely safe.

2. Myth: Only Adult and Gambling Sites are the Hubs of Malware

It is a common notion among internet users that only adult websites or gambling websites are the hub of malware. If you access these kinds of websites, then you are at risk of downloading malware onto your systems. It is true that these sites are dangerous, but these are not the only dangerous sites.

Even by visiting a reputed and legitimate shopping website or news site, you might end up downloading malware. You will be surprised, but 83% of malware-hosting websites are so called “Trusted” sites.

3. Myth: There is Nothing Valuable on My Computer

A majority of the people fall prey of internet threats because they access the internet off guard. It is logical to think why some people choose to remain off guard despite knowing about the serious Internet security issues. That is because they think that there is nothing valuable on their computers.

It is not true that you need to have protection only if you are storing your financial information, special contacts or your business documents in your computer. When you access your email, banking sites or social network sites, you type your login credentials. These are the real information that interests the hackers. Cyber bullies have released numerous malware or spyware through which they can steal your login credentials and gain access to your accounts.


The bottom line is that you come across many web security tips that claim to deliver reliable internet security solutions. But many such tips are myths in the sense that a single tip can’t ensure your cyber security. To fight against web security threats, you need abide by many security guidelines. It is a complete misconception that abiding by one or two guidelines will assure your complete virtual security. For instance, you know well that using Internet security suite is one of the reliable internet security solutions. But only using a security suite is not enough, along with that you also need to follow safe browsing habits to avoid major security breaches.

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