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Introduce a refreshing effect in your living room

Living room is a room that is meant to serve your guests and provide you healthy refreshing surroundings. To bring the air of comfort along with elevating décor, you need to opt for exclusive décor. There is one of the most interesting themes that could bring a lively effect in your dull sitting area. In my point of you, if you want to enjoy an adorable refreshing feel in your living corner in burning summer season, then you should decide upon the addition of beach theme in your sitting corner.
This theme is especially designed for summers. The combination of cool colours along with amazing yet delicate furnishings enhances its significance in hot weather.
Following are some of the features of beach theme décor. By following them, you can enjoy hot weather in a cool and refreshing style.

living stylish room

Let’s take a look!
1. Wall colour:
The walls of living room should be tinted in bright colours. In a small room, you can introduce interesting feel with the help of contrasting colours. For example, painting opposite walls with same colours and applying two colours, one in a lighter tone and the other in darker tone. Other than this, you can also paste colourful wallpapers in floral patterns. It will also look pretty and will enhance refreshing look in your sitting area. Most of the people opt for plain walls having a painted motif in its one corner, which is also very pleasing.

2. Furniture:
For refreshing looks, you should add furniture in white colour. It will give a spacious and welcoming look to your room. Leather beds and sofa beds are very popular at present; especially the sofa beds with white color are highly appreciated. You can add them in your room. Other than white leather furniture, you can also paint your wooden furniture in white colour. It will give an attractive country style outlook. If you have limited space in your living room, then prefer white colour metal sofa bed. Its delicate and decent style will be appreciable for your room.

3. Curtains and draperies:
Curtains along with attached pelmets play a great impact on the overall look of your room. If you want to give your room a cool effect, then choose light coloured fabrics. Curtains in light blue and white colours will be ideal. For creating an interesting style, attach sheer fabric pelmet in dark blue. It will look pretty over your blue and white floral curtains.

4. Rugs and mats:
There are many types of rugs and mats. You can even design a leather rug by yourself. Instead of placing wall to wall carpet, you can just place a small area rug.
5. Accessories:

Home decoration is incomplete without decorative items. Small sofa cushion thrown over the sofa bed will create a comfortable yet appealing look. Besides this, place a small candle stand over the centre table to give a dramatic effect. Many other small items could also be utilized as accessories for enhancing the beauty of the living room.
So, these were the few points that could be utilized as steps leading you towards a refreshing sitting corner.

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