Introducing a Publishing site from Canada:

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Book by You.
Book by you is a publishing company with a difference. The company publishes books on a variety of subjects and then personalizes them for the customer. The company is a leader in this field and operates out of Canada, but supplies books all over the globe, though their overseas market is mostly Europe. Book by You publishes only fiction and no non-fiction books are published. The book by you team is headed by Micheal Pocock who is the Vice president and he is assisted by a small and competent team.
The products offered. is a publishing company that sells books on line to any place on the world. This site however is not an ordinary cut and dried publisher as the books it sells are given a personal touch as required by the customer. The genre of books covers the following
Same Sex love tales.
Teen Books
Kid Book
The same sex love stories is a later addition and caters for the increasing demand for stories and love affairs between the same sex i.e. women and women and men and men. The site does not publish any non-fiction or scientific books.

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Distinct Trade mark
The forte of the site is providing books with a personal touch for everyone. The books marketed are from 100-400 pages in both paperback and hardcover editions. The peronalized books will carry your photograph or anybody else photograph. In addition your name will appear at strategic places in the publication. The idea is to make buying and presenting a book a memorable occasion.

As the books are personalized the publishers advice that after a book is selected the customer answers an exhaustive questionnaire. This is important so that the novel can be personalized. Information like best friends name, eye color etc is required to be filled up. The questionnaire needs to be filled up carefully as after the book is printed no changes can be incorporated.
The price of all paperbacks is 39.95 and hard cover editions will cost $ 59.95. (Postage/ courier charge is extra). Children’s novels are cheaper at $24.95

Gift Certificate
The site has an interesting Gift Certificate scheme. In case a customer is unable to decide on a book to gift he can purchase gift certificate and forward to the recipient. The gift certificate will have the name of the recipient. The price of a gift certificate is $39.95 for romance and love story and $24.95 for children’s story. Shipping charges will be extra. Gift certificates have a limited validity for one year from the date of purchase.
The site does not accept any returns for personalized editions and no refunds are given. However in case a book comes in a damaged or torn condition the same will be replaced. The customer is required the forward the book with the original packing at his cost to the company address in Canada and also inform by email and telephone.

The site ships world wide. The books are shipped in the USA and North America by FedEx or UPS. World wide delivery is handled by FedEx. Shipping options are enumerated as follows

The company is a books publisher and maintains a limited stock at their office at

Book By You Publishing
P.O. Box 194
Delaware, Ontario,
NOL 1EO, Canada.

You can reach customer service for this site at
Last Word.

The site only deals with fiction and do not entertain non fiction. Book by you is a new age publishing site that allows a customer to see his name and photo in the book. This is a new experience and one that is quite thrilling. One can also present the book to a loved one with his or her name in the book as well as a photo. The site markets books mostly in the romantic genre. Most of the novels concern stories about love next door, Medieval passion, vampire love tales, mystery novels, wedding love, teen novels and same sex love.

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