News Introducing Cultural Decor in Homes

Introducing Cultural Decor in Homes


Introducing Cultural Decor in Homes

Some homes exude cultural influence naturally due to the presence of family heirlooms, world travelled souvenirs, antiquing habits of family members and similar such decorations. Such houses instantly display specific ethnicities, bring to mind bygone eras and far travelled cultures in one area. This could be in the form of Moroccan style tea sets, embroidered and mirrored pillows from India, African masks, Amish quilts, Greek murals amidst others.

Setting up cultural decor does not take place instantaneously and is actually a very delicate approach as culturally decorating a room can get quite complicated. You would not want your home to look artificial, cheesy, or, heaven forbid, garish, yet you are looking to indulge in pieces that are ornamented, boldly produced and definitely remotely distant from pastel colours, which would appear to be a far cry from your otherwise primary decorating manner.

So how can you introduce cultural influence in your home without doing away with élan and class? Although it is extremely a fine and thin balance, it is definitely a manageable and doable one. You do not necessarily have to be a thorough professional nor have loads of disposable cash in order to build and create an interesting and vibrant room.

Let’s look at some introductory tips that can commence a journey of absorbing cultural decor into your personality, beginning with the most important one: if you are interested in hanging an ethnic painting from Rajasthan, get to know the cultural nuances of Rajasthan.

Put in a good deal of thought, planning and time to make your home look like you have traveled around the world, or at least been around a few countries, while still maintaining your own identity and keeping it in flavour with your personality. First and most important thing to know: get to understand the cultures from where you plan to be inspired and acquire the decor.

While getting the original or authentic item is the best way to go about it, sometimes there is nothing really wrong with purchasing cultural items from a retail outlet. However, most importantly before placing those items in your home, you should know what it is all about, where it has come from as being aware of any of these factors might be embarrassing in the near future. This does not mean that you need to put in months of research into the concept, all it means is for you to check it out smartly. For instance, if you have purchased a statuette of Buddha, type in ‘Buddha’ into the search box of any search engine and in a matter of seconds you will realise that the statuette on your coffee table is the ‘Awakened One’ who established Buddhism. (And while you are at it, read up a little on the religion, in case anyone might grill you on it)

While it is not important that your decor has to match with culturally influenced pieces, it is important that it all fits in well. For instance you can combine disparate styles, by placing a tiny cabinet from the Ming period in a room that has modern elements. If you can figure out this type of thematic connection, you will be able to pull it all together.

Introducing Cultural Decor in Homes
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