Investing in graphene.

Investing in graphene stocks now could well be the most financially astute decision you ever make. The reason… once every century a new product is developed that absolutely transforms the economy. The railroads were one. Textiles another. The silicon chip possibly the most recent. These revolutions in the economy follow a familiar pattern that lasts approximately 128 years and, according to the economist Norm Poire, they are predictable in terms of how they will deliver profits for the canny investor. The newest contender for the title of market transformer is graphene, a Nobel winning material first developed in 2004 and quickly becoming a key factor in the manufacture of ultra fast transistors, super efficient solar panels and a multitude of other products.

Graphene is simply a single layer of graphite, one atom in depth but with an extraordinary array of physical properties that make it ideal for electrical products and strong and light vehicle manufacture. The latest economic revolution can become part of an individual share portfolio through a number of graphene investment strategies. Graphite mines, as the primary source of the graphite required to produce the material, are the easiest and most established way of profiting from the graphene boom. They have the added advantage of minimising risk, and offer the added chance to invest in one of the essential products required for the development and manufacture of lithium batteries, itself a boom area. Secondly, graphene manufacturers offer a way into the market at the first tier of the materials science angle. An investment in this sector provides an opportunity to not only profit from the science but to also develop an intellectual interest in a cutting edge process. Improvements in manufacturing techniques make this a fast moving field which will be of interest to those with an agile mind and a desire to understand the latest innovations. Similarly product development investment provides the investor with the chance to select and invest in a specific area. Graphene has been suggested for use in the medical, security and military, energy and technology sectors, so finding the application that matches your personal interests may well make investing a more attractive proposition to more product focused investor.

Whichever angle you choose, investing in graphene and nanotechnology is considered one of the most highly recommended financial strategies of the current age. Think of yourself as the first investor in the railroads, computers, television, textiles, etc. and then think of graphene as the next on the list.