Investing in the Philippines: Top 5 Places to Invest In

There is more to just investing in real estate. If you invest in property, chances are your investment will become more valuable over time, even without you doing something to it. Real estate is a very good investment especially in the Philippines. Business, commercial and residential rentals are always in demand.

Even if stocks fluctuate and inflation and deflation of the Philippine peso is the norm, properties and real estate remain stable. Housing will always be a basic necessity for people.

Here are the top five places to invest in property in the Philippines. You will never go wrong if you property for sale in the Philippines, whether it be a house and lot or a condo unit, in these places:

1. Makati City. It is known as the central city for business. Most national and international business offices are based here. Residential places are a hot commodity too. The working class people are willing to invest in property here to be able to be close to where they work. As of the moment, condo units for the single career executives are popular.

2. Bonifacio Global City. This is a new city in the market that has huge potential, from the urban development planning and the numerous businessmen who have invested in the city.

3. Clarkfield, Pampanga. Clark has made big improvements, being the central business hub of the North. Much of it is credited to its strategic location, being accessible to Manila, Tarlac and Subic because of the SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway). An airport is also within the area. Invest in Clarkfield while properties are still low!

4. Laguna and Cavite. Most are relocating south because of the overpopulation in Manila. Many developers are building centers for universities, hospitals and business centers. The South is being eyed to be the new Makati City in a few years.

5. Tagaytay. Tagaytay, considered as the country’s second summer capital because of its crisp and cool climate all year around, is a prime avenue for real estate investment. With strict measures to ensure that Tagaytay be a place for retirement and not for business, it has attracted a lot of investors who eye a place for a peaceful retirement. Most homes in Tagaytay serve as resthouses for people based in Metro Manila. Property in this area has skyrocketed in the last few years but developers have started building condo buildings to attract transient housing, an alternative for home rentals and hotels.