Investments You Don’t Have To Report to the Government: The Freedom of Private Owning

Investments you don’t have to report to the government include assets that are non-taxable. Generally speaking, every profit made requires you to report it to the government, but if these materials do not require taxes then those are non reportable.

A Look into Privately Owned Assets

Investments you don’t have to report to the government are not actually too much in the society. It can be said that most of these types of investments are illegal that is why they are not reported to the government. It is of course based on your decision whether you are going to report your investments of not but as a responsible citizen, it is your duty. There may be some types that do not require reporting but primarily, most assets do are reportable to the government and it’s a must. You don’t want to suffer any consequence by breaking the law.

The Need for Declaring Investments

It is always the safest option to report your investments to the government. This way, you are fulfilling your obligation as a citizen. This is also stated in the law. By reporting your investments to the government, you subject the properties to taxation. This means you have to pay taxes or a certain amount for it usually every year. In this way, you are helping the government support the country. In this way, you are also indirectly helping yourself though at first you have to spend for the taxes.

Examples of Non-Reportable Investments

When it comes to purchases, investments that you don’t have to report to the government include those products that you buy without the receipt. In that case, you don’t pay the extra charges given by the government directly because the store is the one who is directly paying for it. This involves small time businesses. For example, when you buy something at the flea market, receipts are not required for your transaction and you purchase the price as it is without any additional charges from the government but at some point, this small purchase can already be considered as your investment.

Another example of a non-reportable investment to the government is real estate. However, if you derive income from it in any way possible, the need to report it will now arise. If you just have the property in a certain location, allowing it to increase in value and protect your funds is not actually reportable.

Safe deposit accounts in banks can also be considered to be non reportable to the government but only if the account does not exceed a certain money value which is $10,000. If it does not reach that limit then there is not need in reporting. In having safety deposit accounts, after your application for an account, the bank will allow you to rent a box where you can store your money. Jewelries or valuables like diamonds and gold, as long as they are included in your safe deposit account, are not also reportable.

Generally speaking, privately owned assets are definitely non-reportable, for example personal collections do not require you to report it to the government most especially those that do not gain income. For example, if you have a collection of bags or shoes at home, you do not need to report it to the government as well. This means they are non-taxable. The moment you purchased a single bag, that’s the time that at some point you pay a tax for it through the extra charges or value added tax in your receipt but as a collection, there is no such need to report.

Another non-reportable investment is grade coins which can increase in value through time especially the rare or almost extinct ones. This can be also included under the category of personal collections which provide you with the right to possess privately held assets that does not require reporting and thus, no need for taxation.

The Advantage of Being Non-Reportable

It can be said that investments that you do not need to report to the government of non-reportable assets are truly safe investments especially in these times of turmoil in different aspects of the society particularly in the economy. This can truly help you save up because you do not have to allot money for taxes in these cases. Through these investments, your assets are also allowed to have their values increased in time, giving you much of the benefit in the near future the moment you have an immediate need. This is greatly helpful for small businesses and ordinary people who do not have much of the earnings to pay for huge taxes.

Through these non-reportable assets, the government gives you the freedom to possess and invest without having them take apart from your properties. This means that the government respects your rights as humans as well. You are given your moral right to invest your funds without the governments reach. It means that you are given the chance to possess assets that will and always be yours that is not borrowed from the government at some point and will not require you to pay any fee at all, what you are most familiar as taxes.


Investments you don’t have to report to the government give you the freedom to spend your funds in assets that would not cause you that big on a long term basis due to the absence of taxes. Being non-reportable to the government, it means that these investments are privately and solely owned by you that is why you do not have to pay for its use to the government. But it is must primarily considered that if ever your investment earns a certain income or if the law requires it, you must always declare your assets and pay for the taxes that accompany it. This is you legal responsibility and you do not want to face the consequences that accompany the violation of such law. At some point in the case of taxable assets, you are like renting in from the government. With the investments you don’t have to report to the government, your moral right as a citizen is also respected by the government.