iOS 5: Hides auto mode text. (Manual + Cydia)

iOS 5, and so pleasing us with their new chips and lotions, which are visible from the first run, as has turned out and a lot of hidden features. We have already touched upon this topic in our publications. In today’s article focuses on the fiche, which allows to include in the ‘five’ auto mode texts, something similar to a feature on the Android.

This method does not require you to mandatory installation of jailbreak. The fact that this is simply making small changes to system files from backup iOS-devaysa. Checked, the Auto Text works on any device with a platform iOS 5. After light manipulation your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad will get an extra panel which allows typing to insert words from the dictionary with one touch.
Turn auto-mode text manually:

1) First make a backup copy of your device in iTunes.
-WARNING: This step is mandatory and without it, nothing happens;

2) Download the program here iBackupBot here . Note: This program runs on both Mac and on Windows;

3) Now you need to install and run the application;

4) The next step is to find the file Library / Preferences /;

5) Double click the file to start the editing;

6) Insert at the end of the text string that appears KeyboardAutocorrectionLists YES ;

7) Now save the file. After this bold block iBackupBot;

8) The case for small, restore the backup using iTunes to your device;

9) I forgot – it’s nice to use!
P / S:

For those who do not want to mess with manual settings is another option, but for him you need to jailbreak ios 5. So, programmer Ryan Petrich, who is quite famous as author of a number of small but very useful tweaks in Cydia aaplet released under the title «Autocorrection Bar».

autocorrection bar

The application is distributed for free in Cydia Store and performs all of the above instructions for installing auto mode on their own.

To install Autocorrection Bar simply click on this link to the repository BigBoss c your iPhone or iPad and install the program.

autocorrection bar

After installation, go to Settings, and then click Autocorrection Bar and turn on the application.