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iOS App Marketing – Key Ingredients That Can Make Your App Go Viral

You can find a  plethora of apps being launched and drained out of the play store and iTunes daily. Before launching your app, make sure you are prepared enough. iPhone app marketing is not all about social media presence and ads, it requires full planning and professional support from experts.

A viral iOS app is the highest achievement on the iTunes play store and every developer will love to make their app popular and worth sharing. Viral apps are eagerly shared over the Internet, social networks, words of mouth, etc. While it is the best case scenario for any app developer or the business for which the app has been developed, yet there are very few cases, approx 2 out of 10 cases that iOS apps survive and serve the purpose they have been intended to.

The key ingredient to go viral is the right iOS app marketing strategies followed from the start. While it’s not a rocket science, yet many people fail to recognize the importance of app marketing. iPhone app marketing companies now days have come out as a big helping hand. Here is a sneak peek to the fundamentals of marketing your app, the right way!


Humans are used to using apps for the sake of comfort and want every task in their hand with great ease. It’s more about flow rather than processing, charting, etc. The user should feel like they are completely lost in your app and absorbed. Don’t let their focus get hindered with unnecessary logins, verifications, steps that are tiring and time consuming. Create a flow in the app and remove the possible obstacles and confusions that user might face.

For instance, a single click login, syncing options, etc. all are good ways to save time and customers.

Validate Idea

Before launching an iPhone app, ask yourself a few questions like:

Does your app offer something new?

Is it interesting?

Will it make a valuable addition to someone? And others

This will help you validate your idea and gives you a unique approach. Based on the idea and purpose of the app, you can decide the price of your app. If you want to monetize your app or not! Be careful about choosing the price.


Don’t forget to reward your loyal customers regularly and often. It not only helps them stay glued to your app, but also encourages others to turn towards it. You can offer discounts while users share your app, or may be for frequent users. When you will offer them gifts, naturally they will try to return. Sharing and discussing your app with their circle should become a part of their regular activities. Some suggested rewards can be:


New stickers


Free themes

Free recharges etc.

Pull them Back

It’s obvious that the more people use an app, the more chances of your success are, the more success you garner and the more customers will say words about you! This entire process results in success and getting viral. Spreading good words of mouth is the best and the cheapest way of iOS app marketing. You can try sending users push notifications instead of waiting them to return and use your app. Make it a habit to send useful messages, tips and upgrades to your users as a reminder of your existence. Beware don’t send useless messages that end up being annoying and spam.

Hire iPhone app marketing company

While the all above given points are important, you might need professional help that has years of expertise in iPhone app marketing. They know what, how, and why things are to be done and in what manner so that your usual app looks like a thing of substance. iPhone app marketing companies can help you garner a strong and loyal customer base. They will pose your app in such a way that your app seems useful to users without any social aspect. Let the professionals do what they are good at and you handle your business!

While you can’t make your app go viral and successful within a fortnight, yet you can try your best to publicize in the right way. Gain the momentum before the launch and give services that you have promised earlier. Hiring a professional iPhone App Marketing company boosts the chances of survival and stand out of the pool of failed apps. Do it right! That’s it.

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