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Ipad Mounts For Treadmills – iPad Holders For Running Machines


If you are looking for an iPad holder for a treadmill then you are not going to find a huge number of options out there. Of those which do exist however, I would highly recommend the RAM iPad mount for treadmills and other exercise machines. This treadmill mounting system uses a C-clamp with patented rubber ball and socket system to attach to the hand bar and virtually any other location with similar diameter and dimensions. This iPad gym holder is made from marine grade aluminium which makes it both tough, lightweight and corrosion resistant so it will last you a long time.

This adjustable iPad holder for treadmill running machines will clamp on tightly to the handlebar and allows for easy adjustment of the viewing angle with a simple twist and the secure caddy will hold all iPad generations including the Apple iPad Wi-Fi 16GB, 32GB and 64GB Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 16GB, 32GB and 64GB 1st and 2nd generation models.

How does this iPad mounting kit for treadmills compare to a DIY iPad stand or mount? Well, the nice thing about this device is that it has been specifically designed for the task at hand and provides a safe, secure mount for your $600+ gadget and also allows you to adjust the viewing angle to a comfortable angle for both optimal viewing and also to reduce the glare from overhead lighting or external light sources like a sunny window.

A do it yourself solution might be cheaper (might not too!) but they often require a lot of ‘making do’ with some of the less appealing aspect of a non-professional design which can mean a flat viewing angle, speculative safety and security (this $50 investment doesn’t seem so steep when you’ve watched your iPad bounce across the floor!) or gluing/drilling things into your treadmill which may void its warrantee.

The most common problem with virtually all the DIY solutions for making your own iPad holder for a treadmill or health club is that they pretty much all end up covering over the console. The RAM iPad mounts for treadmills clamp on to the rail and swivel so you can view the device, but most of the alternative solutions involve you flopping something over the console, or drilling or gluing a homemade mount into the console…all of which, whilst generally removable when not in use, obscure the feedback monitor, block the use of treadmill speed, incline and set program controls and may even cover over safety features which can be dangerous.

Buying a pro iPad treadmill holder prevents this and let’s be honest, what’s the point in buying a good quality treadmill with all those extra bells and whistles on the dashboard if you are just going to cover them up and never be able to use them? Get A RAM mount, it’s the best solution.

Buy the RAM iPad Holder here

Ipad Mounts For Treadmills – iPad Holders For Running Machines
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