iphone 4 camera resolution

All about iphone 4 camera resolution

Iphone 4 camera resolution is said to be 8 megapixel, there are speculations that this would be even more (may be 10 megapixel).

Lenses from Photojojo for iPhone 4 and 4S iPhone for better resolution

Cameras in phones are getting better. However, always iphone lacking in terms powerful lenses to compete with a real digital camera. Photojojo tried this flaw with the iPhone Dial Lens for iPhone iPhone 4 and 4S counter. These are three different lenses, which are placed before the iPhone camera.

All three lenses are mounted on a turret mechanism that is mounted on a central screw on the casing of the iPhone. One of the lenses is pushed in front of the camera phones. With a rotation mechanism on the lens, the user can switch between Dial the individual lenses.

A similar enhancement of cell phone cameras Photojojo already offers with different lenses. The Weitwinkel/Macro-, fisheye or telephoto lens is attached by a magnet ring in front of the camera opening on the housing of a smartphone. Even if the transportation is the single lenses much easier to dial the iPhone Lens provides more comfort when changing lenses.

Apple unveiled at its headquarters in Cupertino, the iPhone 4S – a revised version of the iPhone 4 The iPhone hoped it was not.

The iPhone 4S will cost $ 199 with contract (16 GB), 299 (32 GB) respectively 399 (64 GB). The 64-gigabyte version is new and costs $ 799 without contract. Is the 8 GB iPhone 3G in the U.S. in the future with free 2-year contract. Market is 14 October, preorder from 7 Accepted October. The launch takes place simultaneously in Europe, prices have not yet been named.

Visually, the device resembles its predecessor: The frame is made of stainless steel, front and rear glass as usual. The retinal display with us remains the same size and resolution. Inside operates an Apple A5 dual-core processor – which we know already from the second iPad Gamers can look forward to more computing power.

Talk time per battery charge the iPhone 4S is 8 hours for UMTS, GSM 14 hours. Internet browsing over UMTS 6 hours, over WLAN 9 hours. The iPhone 4S have 10 hours of video at a time or 40 hours at a stretch again.

The camera is equipped with a back-illuminated 8-megapixel sensor. He is 73 percent more sensitive to light and to 33 percent faster. The new A5 CPU comes with an image processor, the better 26 percent white balance and allows for face recognition. The first photo is according to Apple, after 1.1 seconds in the box, more pictures will follow at a distance of half a second. The new iPhone does video for the first time in full HD (1080p) on. Filmmakers are supported by an image stabilizer.

As expected, Apple has also revised the speech recognition. In the future users of the software named Siri can simply ask, ‘How’s the weather?’ Apple’s Forstall representative asks his iPhone 4S and gets the answer displayed.