iPhone 4 Car Charger and Mount

Choosing an iPhone 4 Car Charger and Mount

An essential component for the modern age is having the right iPhone 4 Car Charger and Mount. You will want at least a 1 amp charger and a secure mount no matter how you plan to use your iPhone. A charger using that power generation will fully power and charge your phone. You will also want a mount that can be placed on the windshield, dash, or air-vents for freedom of function. A good car kit should consist of a detachable USB cable 7 to 9 inches long and a rotating cradle mount, with center or bottom opening for the cable. The mount should have either a powerful suction pad, or a strong four point of contact clasping system

iPhone 4 Car Charger and Mount: Charger Unit

With the busy lives everyone leads and the constant need of our devices for communication and navigation, it is important to be able to turn travel time into charging time with the right iPhone 4 Car Charger and Mount. You need to choose a charger that generates at least 1 amp of power, but it is perfectly safe to go with systems that generate 2.1 amps for a rapid charge. Fortunately, most current chargers have a small product design that is unobtrusive and blends right into your vehicle’s interior. It is also best to choose a charger with at least a seven inch cable so you can easily run from your power port to the mount.

iPhone 4 Car Charger and Mount: Cradle

The second most important element you’ll want is a secure mount with a rotating cradle. You’ll be looking for one that can be expanded to meet the size of the case you have protecting your iPhone. You will want a mount that can be secured on the dashboard, windshield, or the vent fronts. The mount you need is one that is stable and attaches in a manner that will not release based on the outer or interior temperature of the car. You will also want a mount that has apertures that allow for convenient connection of the power cable and, if so desired, a radio synch cable which allows you to play stored music through the car stereo.

iPhone 4 Car Charger and Mount: Other Considerations

In many instances, you may also desire a radial arm running from the base of the mount to the cradle for better positioning if you are using your phone as a GPS. The arm allows for greater placement and better angles so that you can see your screen better for navigation. If this is what you decide it might be best to purchase a unit that has a nine inch cable that gives you greater freedom in positioning but still allows you to charge on the run. You will also want a cradle that allows for easy release of the iPhone and a charging adaptor that is easy to grasp and remove from the power port in your vehicle so that you are fully mobile at all times.

So now that you know exactly what you need in a iPhone 4 Car Charger and Mount go find yours today!