iPhone 4 Tips and Tricks

Some Basic iPhone 4 Tips and Tricks To Make Your Phone Perform Better

You just got your iPhone 4, the best smartphone on the market, and are looking for some iPhone 4 tips and tricks to make it a useful and wonderful device to improve your life. Whether you want some help with applications, texting, or taking photographs, you have come to the right place! Utilize these helpful hints today to make sure that you are getting the most out of your iPhone 4!

iPhone 4 Tips and Tricks: Applications

When it comes to helpful iPhone 4 tips and tricks, one of the things you need to do right away and then really just make it a regular habit is to update all the applications you use. If you use a lot of applications such as Facebook Mobile, Twitter, Words With Friends, or even the included TomTom GPS, you’ll want to make sure you have the newest versions installed so that your phone doesn’t lag whenever you access the mobile web.

iPhone 4 Tips and Tricks: Texting

Generally everyone wants to be able to text or write in apps with the speed of a 7th grader and yet have real words, spelling, and grammar. When it comes to helpful iPhone 4 tips and tricks, this phone has one great feature that allows this to happen. Open the keyboard and hit the microphone icon. This turns the iPhone 4 into a dictation device, turning whatever you say into an SMS text. There really aren’t more valuable time saving iPhone 4 tips and tricks than that.

iPhone 4 Tips and Tricks: Photos

One of the things we all use our phones for is photos. Maybe it is of family and scenery, funny moments, sudden moments of inspiration, or just to brag just a little. When you see a glorious sunset, a moment of dining fun and romance, or to post on Instagram that amazing screenshot of your high score on Angry Birds, you’re going want to share it. A great feature the iPhone 4 has is a bonus front camera. By clicking the camera icon on the upper right of your home screen, the front camera is triggered instead of the primary rear mount. This allows you to take self-shots of you and your friends having fun.

So you just scored 2,475 in one play in Words With Friends and want everyone to know it. One of the best iPhone 4 tips and tricks is to be able to take a screen shot. If you click the home button and on-off button together, you will take a screen shot that’s automatically stored in your images file.

There are many times when a video is better than a photo. Say you want to share that moment when he asked you to marry him or an amazing shot of an eagle taking flight. If you switch to video mode from camera mode, you’ll observe a few different controls, which allows you to bring everything closer and make it more vibrant. This is because video recording on your iPhone is fixed in wide screen mode.

These basic iPhone 4 tips and tricks will allow you to get more out of the everyday use of your iPhone. By using them you will have more general fun and be able to share more information with your friends and loved ones. And now that you have these great iPhone 4 tips and tricks, get out there and start living digitally!