iPhone 5 Release Date

What will be the iPhone 5 release date?

Ever since the iPhone 4 was released people have been asking the question what will be the iPhone 5 release date? When the announcement was made regarding the release of the iPhone 4s last year many Apple enthusiasts were dissapointed that this was not news of a release date for the iPhone 5.

Will the iPhone 5 release date be this year?

It is quite likely that Apple will release news regarding the iPhone 5 some point this year; there have been rumours for sometime that the iPhone 5 release date will be exactly a year after that of the iPhone 4s. Some commentators believe that the iPhone 5 release date will actually be earlier in 2012 as they believe sales of the iPhone 4s have not been as good as Apple expected. Apple may be concerned about the increase in the market share Android powered phones have received over the last year and widh to release the iPhone 5 as soon a possible in order to negate any further threat.

Other industry commentators have suggested that the iPhone 5 release date has been put back due to the recent death of Steve Jobs and may not be released until next year (2013).

What new features is the iPhone 5 likely to have?

The success of Siri in the iPhone 4s has meant that some sort of voice activated assistance is likely to be included in the iPhone 5. This is probably going to have increased fuctionality and even better voice recognition than Siri. The announcement of the iPhone 5 release date is likely to include information regarding new features; one new feature will probably be support for 4G mobile networks. 4G networks are likely to become mobile phone industry standards over the next two to three years and allow faster downloads and increased data transfer rates.

Make money predicting the iPhone 5 release date.

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